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Kid's playpens


There are several type of play-pens for kids offered for sale. Some types of children's playpens are sold and available for purchase in Baku.

The play-pens for kids are divided into 4 groups.

Classic Gaming Playpens for children

This is a well-known to us all from childhood mesh arenas. This play-pen for kids is light  and transportable within the apartment - you can always move it to another place and, if necessary, quickly fold it.

In such an arena, the baby does not have the opportunity to get bruises, in contrast, for example, from a wooden one.

However, there are also disadvantages - the grid is difficult to clean from dirt. If the mesh is too small, it creates discomfort for the child's eyes while staying in it for a long time.


Children's playpen-beds

These are the most popular types of kid's playpens due to their multifunctionality and transportability. If your family is mobile enough, and you do not limit your location with the child only within the apartment, but like to travel, to move from time to time to a summer cottage or stay for a long time at a party, then this option is for you.

The size is usually with a standard baby cot, with fabric walls and a fairly hard bottom. In the walls can be inserted mesh windows, and in some models there is a special zip fastener for an already grown-up child.

They usually can fold either as an umbrella or a book.

Those that fold as a book are cumbersome, but have a more even floor; the latter are more compact, but the impeccability of the floor is spoiled by the presence of a handle in the middle and a folding mattress.


Playpen - screens for kids

Can be made of plastic or wood. The child has the opportunity to view the entire room and see his mother.

This kind of playpen for kids is the best option for the time when the child is just learning to stand up, confidently holding on to the rails. At purchase it is necessary to be convinced of an optimum, under recommendations of pediatrists, a backlash between rails is 6 sm.

The tree attracts with its ecological compatibility, but it is more difficult compared to plastic.



Inflatable children playpens

The offered modern inflatable kid's playpens are colorful, what children like very much, they have many gaming and developing elements and are convenient for the child.

They can be described as a mini-gym for the baby, where he can safely jump, fall and frolic, and therefore - develop.

The walls are usually transparent, that is, for the parents the child is visually open. It is necessary to exclude the possibility of falling into the playpen for children of sharp objects in order to avoid damage.

When choosing a playpen for kids, pay attention to:

  • Stability;
  • Safety: ensure the strength of the bottom, fixing the racks, the absence of sharp corners inside, notches in plastic or wood;
  • The material from which the playpen for kids is made must not have sharp odors;
  • Presence of a folding mechanism;
  • The height of the sides, so that the grown-up child can not bend over;
  • The size of the grid should not be so small that the fingers are stuck, and not so large as to serve as a ladder;
  • The presence of accessories will adorn the stay of your baby in the arena.

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