Korean cosmetics - look at the exotic East

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Korean cosmetics - look at the exotic East


The success of Korean cosmetics is explained by its unique compositions, excellent action and real results. In addition, Koreans are able to surprise with very nice packaging and an unusual format of cosmetics.


If our mothers and grandmothers dreamed of French cream and perfume, nowadays priorities have changed, and the place of romantic France in the beauty world was taken by advanced Korea. In the last couple of years, everyone is just talking about the achievements of this country in the beauty industry: own skin care system, miracle creams and remedies, which we had not even guessed before. Very quickly, the Korean market influenced both European and American manufacturers, whose brands introduced into their assortment such products as kushon, BB- and CC-cream, patches for the eyes, which were originally invented by Koreans, so we can safely say that now it is Korean cosmetics that sets the tone for the whole industry and ranks first among the wishes of the beutigolics.



What is interesting about Korean cosmetics and what's special about it?

Firstly, it should be understood that this is the national pride of Korea, and the output of products is regulated at the state level, so that in quality one can be sure that the Koreans are doing everything on their conscience.

Secondly, the unusual flow and texture of funds. They, for example, came up with a foaming clay mask for the face, which thanks to its "bubbles" cleans pores much more effectively. The odor of the means is also unreal - so the collagen mask smells like a tropical forest after the rain. Korean cosmetics are never overworked and boring. CC-cream, alginate masks, which are now very popular, were also invented by Koreans.

Thirdly, an affordable price. Of course, the price of cosmetics in Baku includes the cost of shipping from Korea.

Fourthly, almost all Koreans have combined skin, prone to acne. So they are well aware of the problems our girls face: inflammation, peeling of the skin, which is adjacent to the fat gloss - a terrible mix.


On the topic of Korean cosmetics you can tell a lot, so we bring to your attention a brief and hopefully useful review of what you need to know about Korean cosmetics.




To understand and buy the correct Korean cosmetics, you need to know its main features.

Important: Korean cosmetics are very different. It is effective and not very, cheap and very expensive, mass-market and luxury! This is a huge world of various cosmetics made in Korea, it has its pros and cons.


In Korea, there is a huge number of brands for a variety of consumers, their effectiveness is also different!

Someone writes about the miracle snail of snails for only $ 10? The best Korean cosmetics will not cost a penny, it needs to be understood.

Important: In Korea, different classes of cosmetics, with different quality and effectiveness.


There is a budget mass market Tony Moly, Etude House, Holika Holika and other little animals for girls, for fun and good mood!

There is MIZON, a very popular mass market. Decent and quality care for little money - this is MISSHA, Innisfree, The Saem.

Care with more serious applications for effectiveness and problem solving is already a middle class in Korean cosmetics: Laneige, Iope, Enprani.


Korean premium segment brands are a completely different world of cosmetics: luxury packaging, latest innovations, textures and concepts: Hera brands, SU: M37, Lirikos, Sulwhasoo and a premium brand named O HUI.


The cosmetic market of South Korea has become one of the most dynamically developing in recent years! He dictates the trends for the whole world of beauty industry. Now the European giants "lend ideas" to Korean brands, and not vice versa!

Now South Korea is the world's source of innovation!

This applies to everything: high-tech packaging, increased effectiveness of formulations, unique active ingredients, creams without preservatives, and the combination of serious anti-aging peptides in the recipe!



Despite the fact that Korean cosmetics are created for the Asian-type face, we have a lot in common! And in many cases, Korean care becomes even more effective than European means!

Let's look at these cases:



In view of the fact that in Korea a white skin without traces of sun exposure is considered a standard, the best Korean cosmetics have a whitening effect. In addition, Asian skin pigmented faster than the European. Therefore, if there are problems with pigmentation - Korean cosmetics can be more effective than European cosmetics!



The second feature of the Asian skin is that it is thin, quickly damaged and dehydrated, losing moisture. Therefore, Asian moisturizers are effective, are cheaper and more diverse.


Moisturizing night masks are very popular in Korean care! This is a night cream with silicones, creating the effect of a moisturizing cocoon for the skin.



Koreans use multi-stage skin cleansing rituals, as in megacities too much air pollution level, and all the dust settles on the skin. Hydrophilic oil and masks are excellent for us. It is for the removal of make-up and intended hydrophilic oil, which perfectly dissolves the decor, including water resistant. By the way, bb-creams, which are distinguished by their resistance, are recommended to be removed only by this means.


A completely new trend, which intercepted all European brands! But the first IUPE cushions appeared in 2008! Cushion is an airy porous sponge impregnated with a light tonal base. The product is applied with a thin layer and becomes invisible on the skin.



Another voluminous theme of Korean cosmetics, which continues to be relevant, is the snail's mucus.

In fact, in cosmetics use an aqueous solution in which 0.5-1% of this very slime snail is added! That is, nothing at all ... and right, because in the mucus itself there are no utilities, except for a moisturizer.

And for the cosmetic "mucus effect" of the snail, special peptides - growth factors, which are added to creams containing slime snails.

These are growth factors of E.G.F. (Epiderma Growth Factor), and they are NOT safe for skin care. Leading dermatologists support!



As can be seen from the above review, Korean cosmetics have many advantages, thanks to which these funds are so popular in the world.


We strongly recommend that young travelers to the magic world of Korean cosmetics read the reviews carefully and choose their favorite brands. Such as, Tony Moly, Skin79, Missha, Secret Key, Holika Holika, Mizon, Baviphat, Enprani, The Saem, The Skin House.


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