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Magic of precious stones


Today has decided to give you some interesting information about the precious stones and gems that people have always thought of having some magical powers and used them in various moments of their lives as money, decorations and jewelry, amulets and charms, etc.


Even at a time when only visual observation was known to all of humanity, our ancestors noticed some magical power of the stones.


The fact that the influence of stones on the health and destiny of man is determined by the position of the planets and the signs of the Zodiac, was discovered even in antiquity. Astrologers have revealed that the most favorable for a person are those stones that are associated with the sign of the Zodiac under which he was born.


Tables of correspondences of stones to signs of the Zodiac were compiled in the Middle Ages. Proceeding from these lists, these or other stones of Zodiac signs become for their owner a talisman, amulet and amulet for life.



Talismans made of natural stones, selected in accordance with the sign of the Zodiac, endow the person with special forces, help develop qualities that bring success, confidence, happiness, attractiveness and wealth. Precious stones on the signs of the Zodiac are designed to protect their master from all sorts of negative influences - evil eye, spoilage, disease, increasing his ability to catch the first signs of imminent danger.


Stones by the horoscope can also have a curative effect on their owners. The constant wearing by a person of natural stones corresponding to his Zodiac sign helps to strengthen immunity and replenish vital forces.


Knowing which stones correspond to your zodiac sign, you will be able to pick up your talisman, which will protect you from negative energy and give good luck throughout life.


ARIES Almaz, Rubin, Amethyst, Sapphire
TAURUS Emerald, Chrysoprase, Chalcedony
GEMINI Agat, Beryl, Topaz
CANCER Cat's Eye, Emerald, Moonstone
LEO Amber, Chrysolite and Topaz  
VIRGO Chrysolite, Jade, Jasper
LIBRA Aquamarine, Lapis lazuli, Opal and Tourmaline

Aquamarine, Garnet and Black Opal

SAGITTARIUS Turquoise, Topaz, Chrysolite
CAPRICORN Ruby, Onyx and the Green Malachite
AQUARIUS Amethyst, Zircon, Hyacinth
PIESCES Aquamarine, Pearl, Amethyst


The modern science of precious stones - gemology (from the Sanskrit gema, so called some precious stones) - appeared only in 1892. At the same time, there is still no clear classification of precious stones.



At the moment, about 2,400 minerals are known to science (a mineral is an inorganic element with a pronounced crystalline structure). In the jewelry business, organic materials are also used: amber, pearl, coral, gagat and others. In this case, so that the stone was considered precious, that is, it had a certain value, it must have a number of characteristics.


  • Beauty. Completely inconspicuous at first glance, the stone after appropriate processing can play so that the eye does not tear. The art of the jeweler consists not only in skilful faceting, but also in the ability to discern the future beauty in an unsightly stone.
  • Wear resistance. There are no materials beyond the control of time. But the ability to maintain beauty under reasonable operating conditions is an important criterion for the precious stone.
  • Rarity. All rare is always valued more, and precious stones are vivid to this confirmation.
  • Tradition of application. One of the main factors in the evaluation of stones. Traditionally, natural materials are valued above imitations, although sometimes they are inferior to them in beauty and durability. But the craving to possess a real and not a fake jewel is impossible to eradicate.
  • Compact. Gemstones at all times have been the yardstick of value. In times of wars and natural disasters, precious stones, due to their high price and compactness, made it easy to move capital.


Based on these criteria, only more than 100 of all minerals are processed into precious stones. And a wide application in the jewelry business was acquired, and at all, about twenty.



Classification of precious stones is subject to change. This is connected with the discovery of new deposits, and with changing priorities, and with a change in the market. Some stones wander from the category of precious in semiprecious and back, others always take a place in the discharge of precious. Therefore, the following classification can also be temporary.


Gems Jewelry and ornamental stones Ornamental stones
I level II level III level IV level I level II level
diamond, emerald, blue sapphire, ruby alexandrite, noble jadeite, orange, yellow and purple sapphire, noble black opal demantoid (chrysolite), noble spinel, noble white and fire opal, aquamarine, topaz, moonstone, rhodolite, red tourmaline blue, green, pink and polychrome tourmaline, zircon (hyacinth), beryl, turquoise, amethyst, chrysoprase, garnet, citrine, noble spodumene rauchtopaz, hematite-bloodstone, amber, rock crystal, jadeite, jade, lapis lazuli, malachite, aventurine agate, color chalcedony, heliotrope, rose quartz, irisantine obsidian, ordinary opal, labrador and other opaque iridescent spar jasper, granite, fossilized wood, marble onyx, obsidian, gagat, selenite, fluorite, colored marble, etc.

Confuse the classification of stones and their names. Many names of the stones were obtained in biblical times, many names are based on mining areas, some stones in different regions are called differently. In addition, there were times when all yellow stones were called topaz, and blue ones were called sapphires.


Modern science has established standards based on the characteristics of minerals, their crystal structure and color. Thus, species were identified (characterized by a certain chemical composition), close species were grouped together, and, depending on the color and transparency, the species were divided into varieties.



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