Meet the gigantic and microscopic glasses, with a futuristic and playfully ironic design 2018-05-04 13:12:03
Meet the gigantic and microscopic glasses, with a futuristic and playfully ironic design



Let's talk about sunglasses. Sunglasses have long outgrown the level of a purely utilitarian wardrobe element and turned into a key accessory that can give a special charm to any image.

In the spring and summer of 2018, judging by the podiums, streets and gloss, fashionable women's glasses can cause not only admiration and delight, but also some perplexity: they are too provocative. However, why not?

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1. Cracked retro-frame



Such glasses could wear painted beauties with pin-up posters, if they lived in a real sunny 2018. But you can try on.

True, please note: this minimalist model is more for girls with an oval and triangular face and small features. Chubby is better to choose more voluminous glasses with oval or rectangular lenses.


2. Narrow frame



Remember Trinity from the legendary "Matrix"? Her style is again in a trend. From a practical point of view, a dubious choice: from the bright sunlight these futuristic glasses are unlikely to protect you. However, as part of the fashion image - why not?


3. Sunglasses - visor



Massive glasses in a square frame with a perfectly horizontal top line and almost black lenses are somewhat like the protective mask of some glamorous welder. In 2017 this unusual model was presented to the world by Victoria Beckham. At first the glasses aroused bewilderment, but now they are increasingly found on the streets.

Really unusual and very practical (from the point of view of protecting eyes from the sun) model.


4. Transparent sunglasses



For recreation in the snow-capped mountains or on the bright ocean coast, these glasses are hardly suitable. Transparent or almost transparent lenses are not designed to cope with a powerful stream of sunlight.

However, in urban environments where UV radiation is not so large, such models can prove to be the best. First of all, because they do not hide their makeup and draw their eyes to their eyes. The latter, by the way, should be emphasized with properly selected shades and ink.


5. Multi-colored sunglasses



The shape of the lenses and frames is completely irrelevant. The key moment is color. The larger it is, and the frame elements are more contrast, the better. By the way, these glasses are an excellent choice for chubby girls or owners of large facial features: due to the brightness, the glasses will draw attention to themselves, visually making the face more subtle.


6. Round oversized frame



Surprisingly, being a "dragonfly" is still fashionable. In addition, the oversway format glasses are practical because they reliably protect the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. And they can easily hide circles under the eyes or lack of makeup.


7. Sunglasses with lowered shackles



A bit old-fashioned and at the same time more than original - such glasses will unequivocally distinguish you from the crowd.


8. Frames with prints



Another way to add a fly and an image of brightness to summer.


9. Sporty eyeglasses



It's fashionable to be healthy and sporty today. And glasses can emphasize the athletic image. It's a pity, not everyone will fit together.


10. Mirror lenses



Glasses with mirror glasses are in fashion for a season, but they are not going to take their positions. And this, in general, is understandable. First, the mirrors are practical: they provide the eyes with reliable protection from the sun. And secondly, what are they mysterious!


11. Frameless eyeglasses



Extremely minimalistic yet stylish. These glasses are especially interesting to look with colored glasses.


12. Mono-brow eyeglasses



These are called glasses with a pronounced upper part (edge) of the frame. This is actually a double frame, where the upper edge plays a purely decorative role. It looks unusual and, I must admit, very stylish..


13. Decorated frame



And this is not glasses, but a work of art, an elegant or luxurious frame for the eyes. Perhaps that's what you did not have?


After this article, you can say that this season almost everything is in vogue. It all depends on your style and taste. In any case, before you a great opportunity to diversify the images and create your own style.


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