Men's accessories 2018 2018-09-19 12:38:22
Men's accessories 2018

1. Black and navy tie 

If your director does not mind, you can go to work in a Bugs Bunny tie: it's up to you. But at the same time you have in your arsenal to have one blue and one black tie, so that if necessary he helps you out.


2. Sunglasses

If we are talking about men's accessories, then we can not forget about the glasses. The number of different types of women's accessories is growing every day: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. As for the models of sunglasses for men, their cost of some of them can reach the cost of a diamond set.


3. Classic shoes

To put on sneakers under a suit is a very courageous choice: If you take your mother-in-law to an event, the looks on you in such a dress can be ambiguous. You better keep a pair of black and brown shoes in your wardrobe.


4. Bag for weekend trips

Who said men do not need a bag? Of course, we are not talking about the bag you wear daily. You will need a simple straight bag for sports, a bag for short trips and on weekends.



5. Watch

… but not just any watch.  One classic and one sports, in your collection should be at least two wristwatches. Do not remind you that this is the brightest item among men's accessories.


6. White sneakers

It's time to get rid of boring objects and return brightness to everyday life. White sports shoes you can wear under jeans, with a suit, shorts, etc.


7. Leather belt

In any case, you do not intend to leave your classic shoes without a leather belt? Again, you should have two straps: one black and one brown.


8. Balck leather jacket

In fact, a black leather jacket should be an integral part of not only the male, but also the women's wardrobe, too. Although the jacket is not considered an accessory, but this garment must necessarily be in your wardrobe.


9. High quality wallet

The number of accessories and items that a man carries with him is limited. Therefore, men's accessories should be chosen carefully. A leather wallet is the most important thing for a man.


We hope that after this useful information you will not have difficulty with choosing the size of clothes and all your online purchases will deliver you joy and satisfaction from a successful purchase!


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