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Men's fashion autumn-winter 2018


A modern man, almost on a par with a woman, pays attention to his appearance. And it's not just about going to the gym to keep fit and attractiveness. There is nothing shameful in attending a male beauty salon, observing the principles of healthy eating and showing interest in the latest fashionable novelties. The stylish and thoughtful wardrobe of the man has now finally ceased to be an unusual exception, and entered into the number of immutable rules.


Remain stylish and fashionable is possible in the autumn and winter cold. Designers confidently proved the validity of this statement for men. Baku men always paid attention to their appearance and tried to follow, and sometimes set the tone in fashion. Modern men have many opportunities to keep pace with the times, one of which is the possibility of online shopping provided by the online shopping center, on the platform of which a large number of Baku stores selling men's clothing and men's shoes are gathered.




The cold that accompanies almost the whole autumn-winter period, it would seem, does not have any fashion at all. About what beauty, many people will think, there can be a speech, when the only desire - to wrap up warmer? This is not so. Outerwear can also be interesting and stylish, especially in combination with properly selected accessories and, of course, quality footwear.


Dressing rules

However, in order to pursue novelties do not look ridiculous and silly, always consider several important details:

  • Clothes should be appropriate - match the weather outside the window and the type of event (for example, a walk around the city or a country trip).
  • Never forget about the individual features of the physique, so as not to emphasize the excessive roundness or angularity of the figure.
  • Pay attention to the colors of clothing (especially headgear and accessories). Choose elements of the wardrobe taking into account the color of the skin, eyes, hair.



An integral element of autumn look is jacket. A distinctive feature of this part of the wardrobe is a small susceptibility to changes. Agree, cardinal changes in shaped lines are hardly possible here, but the game with color and texture has not been canceled.



The autumn style of men of 2018 distinguishes such elements:

  • Jean jacket. It is made of jeans and dense cats. Is it worth talking about the practicality and universality of this thing? In 2018, this element of the wardrobe is still relevant. The main color orientation is classic blue and khaki for fans of military style.
  • Leather jacket - one of the most popular elements of the autumn wardrobe. Soft and rough leather, a variety of stylistic solutions - classic, aviator jackets, bombers, biker jacket - every man can emphasize his individuality and at the same time meet modern ideas about this product. The autumn 2018 season will not do without an interesting leather jacket.
  • City jacket. This concept is the most widespread, as autumn 2018 offers a lot of variations on this topic. Stylish bombers - for fans of sports style, truncated or more elongated urban models, "ageless" parks will attract the attention of the male half of the fashion followers.
  • Jackets with a heater - a must-have of the autumn weather, especially the second half.
  • Well, of course, waterproof windbreaker - an indispensable attribute that protects against cold and piercing rain.

As for the colors, the usual brown and black have new "neighbors" - emerald green, coral, cornflower and orange. The length of the products also varies - from shortened models to the waist line to medium length products that will close the legs almost to the knees. An equally important accent of the season is a minimum of details and decor. Exceptionally simple and functional, but not without sophistication.


Of course, a special chic and elegance for a man's image is attached to a coat. The new season also did not ignore this detail of the wardrobe.



Coats 2018 feature the following features:

  • Strict lines and laconic cut.
  • The length of the product is medium - to the knee or slightly covers the knee.
  • The decoration is represented by a double-breasted fastener with a turndown collar or a collar-stand and a neat belt.
  • The highlight of the season will be knitted coats - a knitted female cardigan "grew" to an elongated coat with a zipper.
  • The traditional color scheme is complemented by pastel colors (tender lilac, calm pink, soft blue), warm red and deep blue.
  • There are ornaments, elements of scrappy technique, prints. "Masculine" camouflage is transformed - its lines form not quite the usual pattern, the color range becomes wider (shades of gray, blue, bordeaux are added).


It is impossible to think through the image and not pay attention to shoes. Elegance and comfort - the main motto of the season 2018 - found reflection in this element of the wardrobe.



  • Among the men's autumn shoes, classic leather shoes hold the strong lead. Designers diversified this important element of the image, presenting models with an interesting combination of matte and varnished leather, decor (straps, buckles, "brushes") and perforations of unusual patterns. This design makes the shoes less strict, but still stylish.
  • The sports look is successfully complemented by the sneakers of textiles or leather in milk, brown, blue or red.
  • With the onset of cold weather, we suggest moving into practical shoes to the ankles ("chelsea"). Casual style is still relevant, so the alternative to "chelsea" can be low suede shoes on laces.
  • For everyday wear in winter, pay attention to light boots in fur. Do not want to be unnoticed - without the trend of the season you can not do. Boots to the middle of the roe are available not only to women, but also to fashionable men. A variety of styles (classic, retro, "cowboy" models) will help to choose each man his version.






The materials used are genuine leather (matte and lacquered) and not entirely practical, but always in demand, suede. The color range is calm, although gray, noble blue, green and bordeaux were added to the traditionally black and all kinds of shades of brown.


Everyone can dress stylishly and modern. The main thing - a little attention, patience and, of course, do not forget to follow the fashion trends!


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