Need printer for work. What to choose? 2017-09-17 14:39:42
Need printer for work. What to choose?


You have to choose a printer in Baku. Before that, you need to figure out which type of printer is right for you. Printers and multifunction devices (multifunction devices that can print, scan and copy) fall into three main categories: inkjet, laser and LED. The first type is printed quite qualitatively, but slowly - they give out an average of 10-15 pages per minute. If there is no hurry, you can do with an inkjet printer. But if you need to print often and a lot (as usually happens in offices), then you should look at the LED and laser printers. The speed of their work is much higher, while the quality does not have to be sacrificed. In addition, if inkjet print quality depends on paper (the more expensive it is, the better), laser and LEDs always produce an acceptable result.

What is the difference between an LED and a laser printer?

In the light source, with which an invisible image is formed on the drum inside the printer. In laser printers, the future line of text or part of the image is applied by the laser, and in the LED printers - a ruler with diodes that light up in the right places. Due to electrostatics, the coloring toner sticks to those places of the drum, which were hit by light (or, conversely, did not hit it - it depends on the printer model). After that, the image is transferred from the drum to the paper either directly or through a special belt.

LED - is it something new? New technologies are usually not super-reliable

No, the technology appeared almost 25 years ago. It immediately saw great potential, but it was not widely spread due to poor quality of printing. The problems were to ensure synchronous operation of the diodes, and to control the intensity of their glows - as a result, the edges of the printed images sometimes turned out to be jagged. In addition, the LED ruler could be skewed, which resulted in inaccurate color reproduction with multicolor printing. But by 2009, Xerox, with whom we together prepared these cards, released the first devices with automatic adjustment of LEDs. So there was a line of printers HiQ LED, which brought the technology to a new level and, in fact, gave it a second birth.

With technology it is clear, but what are the practical differences?

LED printers are more compact and reliable. The basis of the laser printer is a cleverly arranged system of several moving lenses and mirrors that cause the laser beam to run along the drum. In the LED devices, only the lens grid moves, and the LED ruler is static. The less moving parts in the gadget, the fewer breakages and the longer it will last.

And what about the print quality?

Quality has grown in recent years. Models of the first generation of LED printers could produce a printed image with a resolution of only 600 dpi (dots per inch). Therefore, the boundaries of the printed characters and halftone transitions turned out to be uneven - and on the whole this quality was much inferior to the laser counterparts. Now, the LED printers caught up with them, and if we compare the LED and laser printer of one category, they even outperformed them. The current print performance of LED devices is 1200 × 2400 dpi. This means that the printer can perfectly print and text, and graphics, and photos.

Are they very noisy?

No. They work quite quietly. In the operating mode, the noise level is about 50 dB - it's not louder than the sound of the fan in your office. In standby mode, the noise level drops to 20 dB - it's not louder than the hard drive in the laptop.

How much space does it take?

LED printers are miniaturized. Due to a simpler and more compact printing system and fewer elements in it, such devices are smaller in size and weight than laser ones. In addition, they consume less electricity.

So, LED printers are superior to laser printers?

Not really. For the best quality printing products, you still need a print resolution of 2400 × 2400 dpi. Now this is achieved only when using a laser. But this quality is redundant for the office.

And how to understand which LED device is right for me?

This, of course, depends on how much you type. If you have a couple of dozen people in your team, Xerox advises you to take Phaser 6510 and the MFPs WorkCentre 6515. If these people are professionally working with pictures, then Xerox Phaser 7800is better - it has a more accurate color reproduction. If you have a lot of employees, Xerox recommends taking VersaLink B7000 series black and white printers and VersaLink С7000 color printers and MFPs. They are more productive, plus they can connect mobile devices and cloud services, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.



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