New Apple robot for dismantling recycled iPhones 2018-06-20 10:03:31
New Apple robot for dismantling recycled iPhones

The situation when mobile phones end their lives in a landfill is far from the best situation. Modern electronics requires a more responsible attitude towards disposal than ordinary household garbage. In fact, the competent utilization of used equipment is a thing no less important than its uninterrupted operation during the service life. But few people are still thinking about this.


The structure of the modern phone includes: plastic (45%); copper (20%); other metals (20%); ceramics (10%); other materials (5%).


Metals such as lead, lithium, chromium, included in chips and phone batteries, can cause significant harm to the environment. Getting into the environment even in small quantities, they poison the soil, groundwater and air, and this poses a serious danger to human health.


At the same time, 70-80% of the materials included in the phone can be sent for recycling - these are ferrous and non-ferrous metals that are suitable as secondary raw materials for production, and plastic. From the old mobile you can also extract a certain amount of scrap of precious metals - gold and silver.


The companies that receive mobile phones for processing from the population are quite numerous both abroad and in Russia. Among them are many large manufacturers of electronic devices. They can not ignore the growth of landfills of their products and related environmental problems, so almost every one of them is engaged in the collection of used equipment. So, Nokia has opened collection points for its phones in more than 80 countries. Eco-boxes for collection of mobile, installed by SAMSUNG, are in every major city. Trial projects were launched in "Svyaznom", "Eldorado". You can just throw the old phone in such a box and be sure that the device will be utilized in the best way.


Actually, the disposal of mobile phones is a laborious process that requires a whole set of procedures. Simply dismantling the devices is not enough, it is necessary to observe certain rules and security measures. Only competent companies can carry out competent recycling, where work in this area is organized at a high professional level.



Apple offered a fairly creative solution for recycling iPhones and introduced a new robot Daisy.

Daisy parses 200 smartphones per hour.

Apple introduced an updated robot to disassemble the recycled iPhone, which received the name Daisy. While the machine is installed at the company's factory in Austin, Texas.

Daisy was developed by Apple engineers using the technologies and mechanisms of another robot - Liam, introduced in 2016. The new robot is able to distinguish nine models of the iPhone and disassemble the components of 200 smartphones per hour. After recycling, Apple uses the extracted components to create parts for new devices.



As part of the April Earth event, Apple made donations to the "International Conservation Society" from every smartphone returned by users on the GiveBack program.


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