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New section: what is better? Choosing a notebook


Buying a notebook in Baku


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This time we will help you in choosing a notebook. Let's understand, what is better? What should be considered while purchasing a notebook in Baku?


For the purpose of use and, of course, the price of notebook are divided into different categories. Let's look at what you should look for when choosing a universal laptop for your home.


A notebook purchased in Baku in 2017 should have a good screen. At present, a high-quality display should be made using the IPS technology and have Full HD resolution. If you plan to use your notebook not in daylight in a brightly lit place, then you can buy a cheaper notebook with TN matrix; The viewing angle of this screen is smaller, i.e. When viewing from the top and bottom, the colors on the screen change.


Standard notebooks are 13-15 inch. This is sufficient for a different kind of work. True, there are notebooks and more, but they are designed more for games; they are larger, more powerful, thicker and heavier. The price for them is also not low.


The next important parameter of the laptop is RAM. In order not to hang, for notebooks in 2017 the recommended indicator is RAM - 8 Gb. Notebooks with 4 Gb memory may sometimes experience a hangup6. Especially when using several heavy programs at the same time. For surfing the Internet, correspondence and watching movies is enough and 4 Gb. The 2 Gb RAM is very low; it's impossible to work comfortably on a similar notebook without hanging up.


The notebook's processors can be Intel or AMD. There are successful models with both processors, but the choice with Intel processors is greater. On average, for successful work and games, the best choice will be notebooks equipped with Intel Core i3 or i5 processors.


In case of fast memory, we recommend not the usual hard drive, but the more expensive options with which your notebook will work faster.


The battery issue is very important. But not for everyone. For example, if your notebook is always at home or in the office, even a battery with a low charge will be enough, as you can connect to the power source at any time.


Prefer to use your computer, sitting in a chair or lying on the couch, then for these 2-3 hours of charging the battery you are interested in a laptop will be enough.


If you often go to meetings, use a laptop on the road and a strong battery, the thickness and light weight are important to you, in that case, take a look at the ultrabooks. In addition to these qualities, they are manufactured with aluminum casings and generally have a very attractive appearance. If the laptop you buy will be on the table at home, then do not spend extra money on an ultra-thin and compact notebook.


If you plan to live in a tent for 10 days, use the generator with you all this time!


When buying a notebook, pay attention to the keyboard. For example, if you are mainly engaged in typing, try to choose a model with a backlit keyboard that is comfortable for your fingers. In general, being not as compact a gadget as a phone, a laptop should approach the hand of its owner.



So, now you know "which is better" among notebooks. You can find out information about prices and models of notebooks in Baku on


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