Originals, copies, replicas and fakes, what is the difference

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Originals, copies, replicas and fakes, what is the difference

What is the original? And how does the replica differ from the fake? Similar questions arise in people who are in the process of searching and buying equipment and electronics, as well as clothes, household appliances, furniture and interior and design items. To understand the intricacies of these concepts, Shop.az specialists tried to study this issue and prepared an article with information that we hope will help you better understand the boundless ocean of goods offered to buyers by various manufacturers.


Shop.az, being an online shopping center, bringing complete and reliable information about products sold by various shops of Baku, large and small so far, attaches great importance to the information published by us. In view of this, we try to place for as much as possible an informative description of each product so that buyers can find answers to all their questions about the product.


Gucci, Chanel, Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton is a language that is known all over the world. A language that can be spoken without words. A sign is enough. Rather, - the logo. For a long time this language was owned only by the elect. After all, quality, craftsmanship, aesthetics, high level and exclusivity of materials justified the cost of products of famous brands.



But the human essence is such that over time, not so much quality in the full sense of the word, as the belonging of a thing to a particular brand began to determine its popularity. The brand has become a distinctive sign, in that it distinguishes one person from all others.


This psychology underlies the nature of man - in tribes hunters distinguished themselves as a necklace from the teeth of predators that fell from their knife; warriors - awesome coloring, chiefs - headdresses with feathers and ornaments of precious stones and metals.


The same thing happens with branded things - if you have a Birkin handbag, you belong to a particular social group. It is a sign, and it is "read" by others. If earlier it was the chosen consumers, then for today this group has expanded almost to "all".


And here in this "all" is the main irony of today. Recognizable models of handbags and stoles are full of public transport and news of social networks. Are the originals so accessible?


Obviously, the market is oversaturated with replicas, copies and counterfeits. And often the very top of the fashion industry is interested in multimillion-dollar reflection of its originals.


We decided to understand that from this variety of reflections can be a worthy alternative to the original product, but what is the product of the curved mirrors.




Famous brands, as a rule, each season produce two lines of clothing and accessories. One line is intended for "haute couture" shows, the other for "pret-a-porte" shows. "Haute couture" has a higher production quality (hand robot, ancient technology, etc.) and a very high price, is produced in small batches, often under a specific customer.



The line "Pret-a-porte" is designed for production in large batches. The clothes use a standard metric system of sizes, and things are simplified and adapted for everyday wear, so the price becomes more affordable. Such things can be purchased in registered stores and boutiques, where the seller is obliged to issue the relevant documents for each thing.


Original things have an internal code and the product code, they must match. Branded things are distinguished by high quality: the stitches are perfectly even, and the stitches are the same size, the threads are well fixed, the metal parts are fastened with bolts.


As a rule, original products, but we are talking about smartphones, watches, other expensive accessories, sometimes branded clothes, are very expensive. Such things are created for the elite - politicians, businessmen, representatives of the media. A rare person who does not possess impressive amounts in a bank can afford such an expensive thing, and that's why enterprising people began to copy expensive things, and these copies were called "replicas", although calling them copies is not entirely true.


Original smartphones




Of course, it sounds noble. Perhaps because the concept came to us from the field of art. In art, a replica is called the author's repetition of a successful picture by a special order of a patron, collector or museum. Making a cue, the author can make changes and additions to the work.


Today replicas of disks on the car, hours, ornaments, subjects of art and interiors, footwear, clothes of almost all goods are made.


How does the replica differ from forgery? The difference from counterfeiting is that the producers of primary products know about the existence of replicas. All solutions for replica production, which technology to use, which material to use and at what price to sell is decided by the company making the replicas, or jointly with the producers of the main products whose replicas are produced. Models of replicas should not differ from the models of originals, except that they are issued to a non-native factory.


Making high-precision copies - replicas costs money. The manufacturer of original products receives% of sales replicas. Most often we get the cost of replicas, lower than the cost of the original, however, higher than the cost of fakes.


Almost all large fashion houses and companies have their factories in China (for example, Gucci, Burberry, D & G), Vietnam (for example, Nike, Reebok) and Turkey (eg Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Dior). This does not mean that the quality of the goods from the place of production suffers. For many companies - this is a way to reduce production costs, as in these countries, cheap labor.


Replica Ferrari F430


According to this logic, replicas in the fashion industry are high-quality copies, the execution of which is often supervised by fashionable houses.


Large manufacturers can legally purchase drawings and patterns of original models from famous designers. But only after the seasonal screenings have passed, and most of the collection is sold. The material, accessories and coloring of the release of new products are necessarily agreed upon. This is how the production of certified replicas begins, which do not violate copyright, have original cuts and are sold in prestigious stores. The price reduction is due to inconsistency with the original. With external similarity, replicas always have small differences. Replica is half the price of the original.



How to distinguish a replica from the original?

The first obvious sign is the price. If you find a product one-on-one with a known product, but significantly less cost, then this is uniquely a replica or a fake.


Lack of security and serial number. Manufacturers of replicas try to copy the original product, but they do not have the task to deceive the consumer. For this reason, no one tries to forge the serial number, by which it is possible to distinguish the original product or reproduce proprietary protection, such as changing the logo of the company, the display of drawings and the like.


If it's a smartphone, the difference can be seen by turning on the device. The replica will never be equipped with a proprietary OS. In the manufacture of watches, the difference can be in materials. For example, manufacturers of replicas do not use precious stones, real gold or titanium.



Replica or original – what is better?

This issue is difficult to call correct, because in the first case - this is a high-quality imitation, and in the second a brand-name product. From this follows the logical conclusion that the original is a high quality, guarantee, exclusive. As a rule, the owners of the original know by name, so it's difficult to pass themselves off as "one's own" by acquiring a cue.


A replica is an opportunity to get a high-quality imitation of an expensive thing. It is of high quality, will let the dust in the eyes of friends, as well as help save money.


An important point in buying a replica is the price. If we are to buy imitation, then we need to buy it in quality, because saving a few thousand rubles, you can get an expensive imitation, which can be safely put in a row of cheap fakes.




If we speak the language of the fashion industry, it's the same line. These concepts can be combined. A copy and a replica are made from cheaper, albeit natural materials. They sometimes use original, but cheaper hardware. For example, instead of sewing crystals Swarovski, glued crystals Swarovski are used. All original items have woven or embroidered tags, or leather with high or low print, as well as with the correct indication of the designer's name. In copies, also indicate the name of the designer, but often use a printed print on a fabric or leather tag.



There is always a difference in size, especially if it's handbags, stoles and belts. Usually the difference in size is 1-2 cm - copies are larger. The geometry of the quilted pattern on copies rarely coincides, and the cropped print is a familiar phenomenon. On the originals, even on overlaid elements, geometry will always coincide perfectly, and also the letters of the logo will not be cut or stitched. This is due to the difference in equipment used in brand shops and in conventional enterprises.


On the original things, the lightning runners on the model must match, both on the outside and inside, be of the same design and color. At copies of runners on one model, as a rule, do not coincide on design.




In fact, a fake is already very far from the original product. This is a copy of the copy.



Fakes can be sold everywhere. They do not have complete packaging and documents. In fakes used synthetic materials: instead of leather - PVC (leatherette), instead of metal - painted plastic, instead of crystals - crystals from glass. In fakes are not observed features of the distinctive features of a particular brand, so it is impossible to produce authorship.


On quality it is not even worth talking about - it is approximately equal to zero. Often such things have a specific unpleasant chemical smell and are often hazardous to health.


If opportunities allow you to buy the original, that's fine. If the desired item does not match the budget, the question is whether to buy or not buy a replica or a fake?


Choosing the original is offensive to be deceived; preferring a copy, do not qualify for status; and buying a fake - we are destroying art!



After all, in the fashion market there is a huge number of interesting, not replicated European and American brands, whose clothes or accessories will undoubtedly adorn your wardrobe. One should only look, for example, with the help of a professional image-maker.


In any case, it's important to be honest with yourself and not pretend to be who you are not. In the end, the great ones were not afraid of copies - remember Andy Warhol. It's just our reality.


We wish right shopping to you :)


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