Our new project: cooperation of ABAD and Shop.az

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Our new project: cooperation of ABAD and Shop.az


President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on September 23, 2016 signed Decree No. 1047 on the establishment of a public legal entity "ABAD" in the subordination of the Agency for Services to Citizens and Social Innovations under the President.


According to clause 2.5. of this decree for the execution of this instruction "ABAD" (Available Support to Family Business) organizes the transportation and sale of manufactured products.



In this connection, ABAD carried out several serious projects in the shortest possible time.


With the purpose of organizing the sale of works of manual work created by creative families, the "ABAD" Creativity Center started its activity on the territory of the State Historical and Architectural Reserve "İçerisheher".


In addition to distinguishing its unique appearance, each manual work is accompanied by a booklet in which information is given about the craftsman who created it. According to the unique code given in the book, anyone can get information about the craftsman who created the object that he holds in his hands.


In addition to this center in the city, ABAD trade and exhibition centers opened their doors at the Heydar Aliyev International Airport and at the Baku railway station.


From the very first day of its activity the center in Icheri Sheher and other points of sales have turned into one of the most visited places by tourists. Not only tourists, but also our citizens go to the centers of creativity "ABAD" before traveling abroad, to buy for their relatives and friends very beautiful souvenirs that reflect the entire wealth of the culture of ancient Azerbaijan.


Works of ABAD members are also offered for sale in the network of supermarkets "Bravo".


ABAD is trying its best to develop this useful project, implemented at the direction of the President. Not limited only to physical points of sale, ABAD also offers its products through an online platform. This platform is the online shopping center Shop.az.


Being the first online shopping center in Azerbaijan, Shop.az presents the new address for all products from the first and unique project of ABAD. Without wasting time to visit points of sale, you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the products of ABAD (jams and honey, decorative plates, decorative tableware, cup and saucers, candlesticks, teapots, gifts and souvenirs) on the platform of Shop.az and even buy these goods without leaving the comfort of your home. Conveniently located in its place and paying for your purchase online, you can receive your order at home! This service is also provided for buyers abroad.




All the products presented by ABAD are handmade and are sold quickly due to the fact that they are presented in a single copy. Prior to buying, you can contact the ABAD members directly to make sure that the item is in stock.


Both projects, Shop.az and ABAD, are designed to provide services to the public and facilitate their lives. And we are confident of the success of this cooperation.



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