Ready for March 8? What to give for March 8, 2019: gift ideas 2019-03-07 12:55:11
Ready for March 8? What to give for March 8, 2019: gift ideas

International Women's Day is coming on March 8 - the main holiday of spring and good mood, which is filled with smiles, flowers and of course gifts

All women on March 8 become especially charming and beautiful, while men try to pamper their loved ones and give flowers, gifts and compliments.

Choosing a gift, especially a few, is not easy, so every year men on the eve of March 8 puzzle their heads in search of a gift for dear women - mother, grandmother, wife, daughter, sister, beloved, girlfriend, colleagues, teachers and so on.

It is not easy and very responsible to choose gifts for women, regardless of status and age, but there are only a few left before the holiday, so you need to hurry up and start picking up gifts now.

8 Mart bayramında xanımlara nə hədiyyə edək


What to give mom or grandmother
To please mother - the main person in our life, especially if you want to be happy with any sign of attention or just a kiss.

On March 8, any woman, including her mother and grandmother, must give flowers, which can be both a gift and an addition to it.

A bouquet of your beloved mother or grandmother on March 8 can be collected from any spring flowers or give flowers in pots - they will remind you of your love and spring all year round. The choice is great - the main thing is to choose the ones she loves.

What to give a favorite
A safe option - a romantic dinner by candlelight in a private setting or entertainment institution, which is more like a lady, your heart.

Romantic dinner, if you wish, can be complemented with a surprise — give your favorite cosmetics, perfume, bag, scarf, purse, manicure set, and so on, if you know her preferences.

The cost of a gift is not the main factor for women, as far from everything in life is valued by money. Sometimes a bauble, presented with love, turns out to be more expensive than diamonds and gold.

Teachers and educators
Every March 8 woman wants love and attention, and since most of the educators and teachers of the woman, it is impossible to forget about them on this holiday.

On the women's holiday, teachers and educators can give a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a box of gift chocolates. Pupils of preschool age and lower grades can do gift cards or applications with their own hands, dazzle something from plasticine, or draw a picture.

What to give to colleagues
Choose a suitable gift for colleagues, it can be difficult for men, as there are gifts that are not accepted to give employees.

A beautiful bouquet or a gift set of chocolates on March 8 can be a great way out of this difficult situation. If there are many women working in a team, you can make a common gift - order a birthday cake and buy good dessert wines or ladies' liqueurs.

You can also present business cards holders for business cards, calculator pens, souvenir desk calendars, notebooks, keyboard lights, beautiful stands for paper clips with a magnet, or USB hubs in the shape of bouquets of flowers.


Sister, daughter, girlfriend ...
Choosing gifts for women on March 8, you need to take into account their character, age and lifestyle. Flowers, including beautiful indoor potted flowers, were considered a win-win gift at all times.

Sweet gifts can give tasty gifts - from gift sets in boxes to personalized cakes with designer and floral decorations that can be bought in stores or ordered from pastry chefs.

A woman at any age on March 8 can be given a soft toy. A beautiful phone case or an original business card holder for plastic cards will suit as a gift.

You can also donate a mobile phone, a beautiful photo frame or a camera.

For girls who are more attracted to computers than mirrors, on March 8, you can give a mouse with patterns, a USB stick in a beautiful case with pebbles or headphones with rhinestones.

The list of gifts can continue indefinitely - you just need to think and make an interesting choice, but most importantly - surround her all day with care and affection, show your love and tenderness.

Remember that the most fragile and wonderful creatures on this planet need to give warmth and affection all year round, and not just March 8!

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