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Resin that is more precious than gold



Our next article will tell you how the resin of the agar tree "Oud" has become the most popular ingredient in modern perfumes and what flavors you need to pay attention right now, choosing perfumes in Baku.

Once it was the favorite aroma of the Arab sheiks - today the spirits with this strong woody-animalistic note are worn in offices and put on the stage. UD appeared since 2007 in the fragrances of almost all perfume houses in the world. And although Romano Ricci, the perfumer and the owner of the brand Julliette Has a Gun, said that the Oud is a fragrance that irritates many people and it is better not to wear perfume in public places, you can hear a noble eastern note at any event. Ud is, firstly, fashionable, secondly, expensive.

Ud is obtained when the tree of aquarium grows in South-East Asia, becomes infected with a certain fungus: its wood is impregnated with thick, viscous, dark and very fragrant resin.

Oud, or agar tree, is called both the wood itself (it is made of incense) and the oil that is extracted from it - a rare, expensive oil, the cost of which, according to the International Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences, can reach up to $30 thousand per liter.



The price of oil depends on the age of the tree itself: the older it is (and the longer it suffered from the fungus), the more expensive its resin. A superfluous confirmation that the highest thing in the world is worth exposure - wine, whiskey, cheese, coal, which will someday turn into a diamond, and an old friend who is usually better than the new two.

It is known that in the East, the Middle and the Far, ud has been used for thousands of years - as a medicine (recommended for asthma, colds and skin diseases), for scenting the room, and then as an ingredient for the production of perfume. This is the aroma of this oriental luxury, which can not be confused with anything.

If you feel the aroma of wood, smoke, resin, leather and musk at the same time - it's oud.

Previously, in order to smell like an Arab sheik or his wife, it was required to look for special Arab perfumes (this is easy, but it will have to be spent - for example, on the aroma of the brand with the unequivocal name Arabian Oud, existing since 1982), now, thanks to Tom Ford, aromas with ear-notes can be found in the collection of every decent perfume house. To say that these perfumes are still niche, and therefore expensive, it seems unnecessary. Ud is too valuable ingredient for the mass market. This does not mean that he has not yet learned how to synthesize. Only the synthetic oud smells at all like the noble present. No tar and smoke.


Next, we give an overview of several of the best oud fragrances for beginners.


  • Oud Osmanthus, Mona di Orio



Oudh Osmanthus (before the rebranding of the brand it was simply called Oud) was the last fragrance released during the lifetime of the perfumer Mona di Orio - and one of her best works. The reasons why the osmanthus appeared in the name is a small but very fragrant flower with a complex smell of apricot, skin and soap, as the co-founder of the brand Jeroen Oude Sogtun explains, two: first, from the "Ud", customers were waiting for something more straightforward - in any case, more obvious wood, and secondly, Osmanthus in the composition is almost more important than the same ud. The latter, by the way, here gives the ideal golden East - without manure, plasters, antiseptic and other noises.


  • Private Blend Oud Wood Intense, Tom Ford



Oud Wood Intense is the flank of the classic Oud Wood, an exemplary urban boa, not offensive even for the most "European" nose. If you are interested in an agar tree and its numerous interpretations in modern perfumery, the glazed Oud Wood has certainly tried - and now pay attention to his muscular cousin from an ecologically clean province, Oud Wood Intense. What does the perfumer Richard Erpen: wears a ud in a hot, smoking castoreum, emphasizing the depth and animal, leather aspect of the first, but at the same time communicating to him a bright, cheerful disposition - a green smile of sage and vetiver.


  • Oud Palao, Diptyque



Oud Palao has a very beautiful beginning from a rainforest: the ground squelches under its feet, green air is shaking in the eucalyptus crowns, and emerald, menthol roses bloom unexpectedly in the undergrowth. The rose with the horn is a perfume cliche that came from the Arabian Peninsula, but Oud Palao comes from some other places, most likely from Southeast Asia (according to the legend of Diptyque, used in the composition of the oud mined in Laos). The title component behaves modestly here: incense and flowers move gracefully along the field, and the ugly chord keeps the rear-a clot of fragrant darkness in the base of the fragrance.


  • Rose Anonyme, Atelier Cologne



First, let's look at the name. Everyone who follows the work of Atelier Cologne knows that each brand's fragrance corresponds to the story invented by the founder of the brand, Christophe Servasel. For example, "Anonymous Rose" is a romantic detective about the elusive stolen jewelry, which always leaves a red rose at the crime scene. So, according to the official version, the name of the fragrance is explained - the identity of the criminal remains unknown, hence the "anonymity". But the real story: the wife of Servasel Sylvie Gunter added to the prototype Rose Anonyme, before the rejected spouse, an elegant chaste chord, and Servasel, without recognizing the rejected rose, complimented the fragrance. Oud here for the shade in which the rose rose blossoms - provides a smooth movement of time from the citrus morning to the tarry-woody evening.


  • Agar Musk, Ramon Monegal



At the heart of this transparent woody-musky aroma lies an unusual chord blow with a vetiver - the last one, very noticeable, spreads green with white musk and tells Agar Musk a certain similarity with Encre Noir, the famous "Black Ink" by Lalique. An excellent thing for beginners "sharks" - dry and pure agar wood in half with chlorophyll.


  • Nooud, Baruti



Do the udah, in which there is no uda, and honestly inform the buyer about it - a small but proud perfume trend. Not all of its fruits are equally useful: if, for example, White Oud, Agonist is a really nice fantasy on the theme of an ice aquarium that grew up beyond the Arctic Circle, then another "pseudo", Another Oud, Juliette Has a Gun - flat raspberry in norlimbanol, substance with an intense woody smell, which is a wrinkle from a wrestler on steroids. But Nooud of the Dutch perfumer Spiros Drosopulos smells like chocolate, ripe cheese and stables - an excellent reconstruction of the complex aroma that has real agarwood oil.


  • Obscure Oud, Phuong Dang



Recently Bertrand Dyushofur brought to Russia a collection of fragrances Phuong Dang, most of which he collected himself. He says that working with a Vietnamese artist Phuong Dang is perhaps the most ambitious project in his career. And his Obscure Oud is the most ambitious oud of all he's ever done - with a sulphurous, caustic-green, very natural mango chord at the very beginning, but never had a Thai mango on a plate of such an expensive, fragrant tree.


The best companies producing women's perfume 2017

Now there is a large number of manufacturers of women's perfumes, which in quality and aromas are no worse than promoted by famous brands. But there are several fashion houses that have been leaders of the perfume market for several decades.

  • Christian Dior. A company that influences the fashion trends of future seasons. The creators of perfumes can surprise with their versatility and unusual look at the role of modern women.
  • Nina Ricci. The main task of the perfume house Nina Ricci - to emphasize tenderness, sensuality and refinement of female nature. Perfumery of a fashion house, love a woman in all its manifestations and try to embody all the features of her character in every scent.
  • Chanel is recognized by world perfumers as one of the best perfume houses. It is the company Chanel, like no other, is aimed at creating an elegant, refined and feminine image.


What fashionable women's perfume to buy for the autumn-winter of 2017?

In cold seasons you should use sweet, heavy, oriental fragrances, based on musk, sandalwood, leather, incense.




Fashionable female perfume for autumn-winter 2017:


  • Black Orhid отTom Ford



Əsası kompozisiyası  dərin və  ağır Black Orchid aromatı və qara orxideya olan, may və türk güllərinin çiçək notları ilə birlikdə, yarım ton qəhvə esensiyası, zəfəran, tütsü, kəhrəba, paçuli və səndəl ağacı ilə hazırlanmışdır. Bu seksual, cəsarətli, ehtiraslı qadınlar üçündür.


  • Opium Rouge Fatal от Yves Saint Laurent



2017 ci ilin soyuq mövsümündə bu ətirlərə tələbat olacaq. Şirniyyat  qoxusunun sirli notlarını açan qış şaxtası üçün ağır, tart qoxusu idealdır. Aromat tədricən sitrus və çiçək kompozisiyasından axıcı olaraq qərənfil və mirra ədviyyat qoxularına keçib, şirin qoxular olan vanil, vetiver və paçulidə dayanır.


  • Signorina Misteriosa от Salvatore Ferragamo



Portağal və tuberoza rəngi, meyvə və ədviyyatın qeyri-adi birləşməsi, yabanı giləmeyvələrin olduqca fərq edici notaları ilə tamamlanaraq parfümün əsas tonlarını vurğulayır. Paçuli və süd köpüyü qoxusunun buketi Şərqin sirli ətrini verir. Qoxu bir baxışları ilə kişilərin qəlbini canlandırıb, simpatiya qazanan qadınlar üçündür.


Describing fragrances, we will not forget about the fragrances for the strong half of humanity.


Finding the right aromas for a loved one is never easy, at any perfume shop the choice of men's perfumery is huge, new items appear every season. But how do you want it to be the bottle that was bestowed by us?


So what are the scents to choose for a man?


It is important to take into account the lifestyle and character of a man. Experts of the perfume market express the opinion that, for example, a serious businessman will suit the classical style with spicy oriental shades. At the heart of the pyramid of such flavors can be an expensive tree of Ud, coriander, cardamom, nutmeg.

The optimal choice for strong and passionate men is the toilet water with rich wood-citrus notes of bergamot, orange, moss and amber.



Men who are keen on sports are advised to choose cologne with a cool fresh smell. The most appropriate, according to the female audience, will be fragrances with notes of sea breeze, mint and lemon.

Fans of new sensations, ready for experiments, will have to taste unusual odors with floral and fruity notes of apple, lavender, orange blossoms.

And the simplest and longest-proven way to "get to the point", again in the opinion of women, is to find a limited edition of the fragrance that the chosen one uses constantly. Suggest an "improved" version, and the man will be delighted with the novelty!




Top-10 fragrances for men

To help you choose a perfume for a man, below is a list of the 10 most popular, compiled by women in the world. We are sure that among them there will be one that will satisfy even the most discriminating buyer. Here there are fresh sea flavors, and spicy oriental, and noble wood.


So, the favorites are:

  1. Paco Rabanne – Invictus Aqua
  2. Hugo Boss – Hugo Extreme
  3. Kenzo – Kenzo Homme Sport Extreme
  4. Lacoste – Eau de Lacoste L 12 12 Energized Edition
  5. Giorgio Armani – Armani Code Profumo
  6. Dior Homme Parfum
  7. Givenchy – Gentlemen Only Parisian Break
  8. Kenzo – L eau Kenzo Electric Wave Pour Homme
  9. Antonio Banderas – Radiant Seduction Blue
  10. Cerruti – 1881 Sport



We hope that the information we collect will help you find your own fragrance in the huge sea of spirits offered by a huge number of perfume houses and perfume manufacturers. Your favorite perfume will make you unforgettable!

Wear perfume as your second skin and do not leave the house without a drop of your favorite fragrance.

Choose your unique fragrance will help you a collection of perfume products, presented at


The perfume industry does not stand still and continues to develop, and one can only guess where the leading perfumers will lead their fantasy, what flavors will be offered by the leading producers and which will become popular among consumers, both connoisseurs and ordinary consumers. To get acquainted with the perfumes offered by various shops and other perfumery and cosmetic products sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit for your comfort. is the site that gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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