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Shoe Trends 2018

Stylish women's footwear is not without reason considered the basis of the current image! Properly selected boots, shoes or sandals can make a touch of chic even in the most democratic image, consisting of inexpensive things of the mass market category. It is on the shoe that the status of a person is evaluated, because even the most eminent person's clothes can be comfortable and inexpensive, but shoes must be of high quality. And, on the contrary, cheap, and even out of fashion shoes completely kill even the most modern and thoughtful l;ook. If you want to buy shoes in Baku, we advise you to arm yourself with the following tips and make your choice in the online shopping center, which collected for your convenience all the offers from stores offering and selling various shoes in Baku.


In 2018, the gurus of the fashion industry took care to ensure that women of fashion did not lack a variety of shoes. This segment has become the subject of close attention on the part of designers who have brought to life the best fashion of the past decades. A clear trend was the almost complete rejection of unnecessarily fanciful and futuristic models, which modelers were fond of last season. Today, on the catwalks, the ballet is ruled by harmony, allowing you to balance the comfort, comfort and sophistication.


Otherwise, fashionable shoes are very diverse - in the trend were virtually all the forms of the past. On the catwalks of Milan and Paris, you can see everyday and evening boots, comfortable ballet shoes, slippers on a dizzying heel height and provocative boots-stockings. All the same are actual models without heels and heels of classical rectangular shape. But do not think that the world of fashion has gone into practicality - leather models pushed the shoes out of a completely impractical, but such a beautiful suede.


Color solutions can be called calm - the traditional choice of designers remains black, slightly diluted with shoes of brown, blue, green, fresh and wine. A stylish innovation in 2018 can be called shoes in metallic color, which embodied in a soft tone of shining gold.


Let's talk about the most iconic shoe trends of 2018 in more detail, so that you know exactly what pairs of shoes, boots or boots you must replenish your stylish arsenal.



Trend No. 1: Ballet flats

The moment when ballet shoes became an integral element of the wardrobe of a modern girl can be considered a peculiar manifestation of the revolutionary attitude in the women's fashion. A few dozen years ago, designers could not even think about giving up shoes with dizzy heels. But, watching the growing dynamics of modern girls, they decided that it was time to offer them more comfortable shoes.

Absence of heels was immediately compensated by the presence of decorative elements, so that actual ballet shoes are offered to be worn not only for a walk or an office, but also safely put on with outfits for a solemn appearance. The variety of ballets of 2018 amazes imagination: shoes with perforations, with a sharp and rounded toe, with a decoration in the form of laces and buckles, closed models and ballet with a cut nose.



Trend No. 2: Hessian boots

High models of boots triumphantly broke into fashionable Olympus, occupying a niche of one of the peak trends of 2018. At the same time, the designers showed such an incredible flight of fantasy and creativity that it would not be easy for women of fashion to choose one pair of boots from the proposed variety.

Classical boots of rough material gave way to very feminine variations of patent leather, suede or nubuck. And if in the past fashionable season, boots were to be worn with short skirts or narrow skins and leggings, then today these shoes should be combined only with feminine dresses and skirts, making a bet on the difference of textures and drawings. The most actual model of boots of the sample of 2018 is boots-stockings.



Trend No. 3: Ankle Booties

Ankle boots, which have long won the hearts of women of fashion, are not going to give up their positions to other types of shoes. Undoubtedly, ankle boots have long been ranked among the timeless classics, because they are so versatile that they are easily combined with flared and even trousers, pencil skirts and airy chiffon dresses. This explains the fact that the new designer collections are full of botilions of a wide variety of models.

In the new collections you can see the variants on a high hairpin and with a sharp toe, the aggression of which stylists pacify with laconic outfits or very feminine chiffon dresses. For everyday wearing, the designers offer a wide line of shoes without heels and on steady square heels that will allow you to tirelessly move between the office, the gym and the cafe for evening gatherings with friends.




 Trend No. 4: Suede 

Suede shoes as much as you like can be called impractical and capricious, but this texture again became the subject of close attention from the fashion guru. Podiums are filled with collections of suede boots, ankle boots and boots. Particularly fond of the designers of color suede. For example, Alice + Olivia decided that this trendy texture is best played in a gentle nuanced tone, introducing a relaxed Boso-image with beige ankle boots.

Chanel demonstrated exquisite boots of such a topical "cardinal" color, decorated with a geometric print. Roberto Cavalli wore his model in elegant boots-stockings, painted in a deep blue-green tone - this luxurious model will not be easy to fit into the usual images, but in skilful hands such shoes will become the highlight of the wardrobe. The designers of See by Chloé decided to play on contrasts, combining brutal boots of classic brown tones with an extraordinarily feminine lace dress.



Trend No. 5: Flats – no heel

The active life position of modern women has forced the guru of the fashion industry to provide her with proper comfort when walking. Designers already for a year gracefully dilute habitual footwear on heels with rulers in which boots, boots, ankle boots and shoes have absolutely flat move. By the way, this does not mean at all that this footwear should be inscribed only in images in the men's style or purchased for business looks.

Designers of Red Valentino decided that the best option to draw attention to laconic pointed nails is the decor of large buckles. Aggression, which is present in such a stylish solution, was immediately muffled - the model was clothed in an exquisite coats of the ostromodnogo coloring "cardinal", the simplicity of cut which reduced the intensity of passions.



Trend No. 6: Square heel

In 2018, designers particularly liked the shoes on a steady heel. The favorite shape was a rectangle, so popular in the late 90's, which pushed all but the stiletto heel.

The novelty of the fashionable year was the fact that now the color and texture of the heel completely repeat the materials and colors in which the shoes are made. Of course, velvet heel is difficult to call practical, but the effect of this approach is difficult to deny. However, all this is an imaginary impression, because it's worth to look at the game of textures and colors to understand how elegant the laconic shoes can be. For suede models this time was chosen traditional black color, velvet textures shaded red with raspberry tint, and the skin exceptionally successfully played in a shade of noble gold.



Trend No. 7: Hairpin heel

Shoes and boots on the hairpin should be included in the arsenal of every self-respecting fashionista! From year to year the gurus of the fashion industry do not cease to prove to us that shoes with this heel are the most refined and elegant, and a girl who knows how to walk on a hairpin will never be left without close attention from the strong half of humanity.



Trend No. 8: Sharp toe

In 2018, designers decided to recall that shoes with sharp toes make the female leg more elegant, and the image with such shoes immediately becomes an order of magnitude more elegant and refined. Most fashion designers decided not to philosophize and choose a classic combination of hairpin and sharp toe. Girls can choose laconic suede shoes from Elie Saab or give preference to boats with red heels from Kimora Lee Simmons.

Evening image can not be called complete if in your wardrobe there is not a pair of boats from Monique Lhuillier, decorated with pearling placers. Girls who on these heels do not feel confident enough can look at Tome shoes with elegant straps around the ankles - this model allows the leg to feel comfortable.



Trend No. 9: Lacing

In 2018, almost all fashion houses decided to use a variety of laces as decor. This element directly refers us to the classic Victorian stylistics, which has already had a significant impact on the whiff of fashion winds. The brightest representatives of this trend were Sally LaPointe and Versace, harmoniously combining in their shoes several trendy trends in 2018 - lacing on the boots, presented by the designers of these houses, rises to the very top of the boot.

However, it ends a few centimeters to the end of the fingers to create the effect of a fashionable open toe. Some designers preferred to decorate their shoes with a different version of lacing - Dennis Basso, for example, simply entangles with thin ankle cords of the model, emphasizing the slenderness of the female leg.



Trend No. 10: Gold

Perhaps, the most top-color decision of 2018 is sparkling gold. It seems that the fashion industry was covered with gold rush, so often designers use gold color when sewing dresses, bags, skirts and jackets. Most likely, the designers were simply fed up with the soft and dusty tones that ruled the ball in the past seasons. 2018 was declared a time of luxury, radiance and insane mood in the style of "disco".

The total enthusiasm for this catchy tone did not pass the shoe segment. This trend can be traced back to the shows from the house Chanel, whose designers dressed the model in a sparkling dress from Lurex in a soft shade of old gold and complemented the image with boots made of golden leather. Fendi is more attracted to the tones reminiscent of the daring 80's. Designers of this brand suggested fashionable women wear retro-botilions (ankle booties) in the throwing combination of gold and black.



After this article, you can say that this season almost everything is in vogue. It all depends on your style and taste. In any case, before you a great opportunity to diversify the images and create your own style.


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