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Smartphone and cell phones

As you already know, using the site you can buy mobile phones and smartphones from the convenience of your own home. On our website, these devices are presented separately from other phones, as every day smart phones from a regular phone are becoming more and more mini-computers and they can hardly be called simply portable phones.


The purpose of this article is to help you understand all the variety of choices, both mobile phones, also called cell phones, as well as inexpensive smartphones.


When the question arises of purchasing a new phone, you can extend the friendship with the same manufacturer whose phone you have already used or using now, updating only the model, or looking at other manufacturers, having such a wealth of choice in the shops of Baku.


In market for a long time already there are European or South Korean manufacturers, like Nokia, Sony, Philips, LG, Samsung, already became veterans of manufacture of means of a mobile communication. And we must pay tribute to Samsung, which took not only a serious position in the smartphone market, but also tries to confront the leader Apple's smartphones.

Acer, Huawei, Elari, Fly, Lenovo, Xiaomi represent a new generation of manufacturers, mostly originated from China.

Of the listed manufacturers, the highest rating is enjoyed by Apple and Samsung smartphones. However, if you set out to save, you can buy something from alternative manufacturers.

Fortunately, young Asian companies have already learned to produce decent devices, almost in no way inferior to the general favorites. Only they cost 6-10 times cheaper than the goods of famous brands.

However, a number of European companies also have a line with budget devices, which, although they have more modest functionality, but are of high quality.

In order not to sacrifice the important characteristics and functions of the device in the pursuit of savings, let's determine what requires your special attention.


The principle of operation and the device of a mobile phone


The main parts of any phone - a body, a display and a keyboard or touch buttons.


Inside there are no less important details of the mobile:

1. Microphone and speaker, catching your speech and translating the speech of your interlocutor;

2. Radio transmitter, combined with a receiver and an antenna;

3. Microprocessor and memory chip;

4. Sockets for SIM cards and flash drives;

5. Photo-video camera (one or two);

6. Removable or built-in battery, providing power to the entire device.

The radio module is what makes a telephone “a telephone”, that is, it allows you to transmit speech at a distance through a system of external antennas. All other stuff just works with information and media.


The "native" memory stores basic information (contacts, SMS, etc.); as for large files, like music collections, movies, games, it is better to keep them on a flash card. Well, and for the reading of memory data and its processing is responsible just the processor.




Types of mobile phones



Pushbuttons are used by people who need a telephone as a means of communication. Such models usually have a minimum of additional functions, which leads to low cost and unrealistically economical battery consumption.

Although there are more advanced models of button phones with a good camera resolution up to 8 megapixels, built-in MP3 player and enough "native" memory up to 512-1000 MB.

As a rule, they have a much higher safety factor than touchscreen phones.



• Small screen;

• Lack of an operating system, which in the age of the Internet seriously limits the capabilities of the mobile phone.



Along with smartphones, a lot of decent touch phones appeared at a very affordable price, placing them on a par with advanced dialers. A budgetary sensor can have a main camera of 8-13 megapixels and a front camera of 5 to 8 megapixels. The screen diagonal here usually does not exceed 5-5.5 inches, with the resolution quite decent and easily reaches the level of HD (1280x720 pixels). The operating system is Android or Windows.


RAM in inexpensive smartphones can boast a good volume of 1-3 GB (the Chinese offer up to 6 Gigabytes). The processor can have 2, maximum - 4 cores, but this is quite enough even for "heavy" games.



• The battery charge may not be enough for the rest of the day;

• "Weak" place - a fragile screen that occupies the entire surface of the phone.


Comparison characteristics


Inexpensive smartphone



1,44″ - 3,5-4″

5" - 5,5“



320х480 - 480х800


Camera, megapixels

from 0,3 to 3,2 mpx

Back (main) camera 8-13 megapixels

Front camera 5 megapixels


(This option is not particularly important for button phones, but it is very important for smartphones)

16-32 Mb

Built in, not less than 4-8 Gb

Operative memory (RAM), not less than 3-4 Gb, Chinese producers offer upto 6 Gb



1700 - 5200 mA/h (in the bset models of year 2017)

Min 2800-3200 mA/h

Preferrably 4000 mA/h


In smartphones, we must separately speak about processors. Most inexpensive smartphones are equipped with Snapdragon or MediaTek processors. The first are a bit more expensive, but they do an excellent job of any task - up to resource-intensive video games. The second is slightly weaker, but not particularly increase the cost of the device.

In addition to the processor series, you need its performance. For a budget model, a good frequency will be between 1300-1700 MHz. The number of cores is 2 or 4, if you buy a purebred "Chinese".



Which phone to choose

  1. For people who are not too friendly with the newfangled technology, a button device that is not overloaded with unnecessary options will do. It is better that it is a monoblock in a reliable case with an average screen size of 2-3 ". Having saved on the functional, do not spare money for a good display, which can be considered even in bright sunlight. Ideally, if it is a TFT or MVA matrix.
  2. The schoolboy will be more interested in a budget smartphone. The maximum of functions for a small price is offered by Chinese manufacturers, so focus specifically on this group of products, if you want to satisfy a demanding child. Pay special attention to the quality of the camera: the main optics should be really good and have a resolution of at least 8 megapixels. RAM can be selected in the range of 2-4 GB, "native" - no lower than 16.
  3. Sensory models of phones are also suitable for students and working people. Here you already need to focus on the characteristics of the processor, choosing a 2 or 4-core device with a good clock speed of about 1500-1700 MHz. The amount of internal memory on 8 GB can be called sufficient, but the RAM should be really big: the critical minimum is 2-3 GB. Fans of shooting are suitable devices with a rear camera with a resolution of about 13 megapixels, for a front-end 5 is sufficient.


Cost of inexpensive and good phones

Push-button phones, in general, are all cheap - the majority falls in the price range from 29 to 229 and more manats. But if you need a good model, choose the devices at least 49 manats.


Smartphones start from 49 manats, however we recommend to consider options from 79 manats.



So, today we informed you about what parameters you need to pay attention to buying push-button, touchscreen and smartphones. To check with specifics of certain models of smartphones and other cell phones, as well as other appliances and electronics, sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site


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