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Sports equipment that you can use at home

Sports halls are an ideal solution for permanent sports activities. But if the time convenient for you is convenient for other visitors, then there may be traffic jams and difficult access to this or that equipment. If the hall is far away, you have to spend valuable time on the way back and forth, which sometimes leads to laziness and unwillingness to leave the house. There are a number of other reasons, but what is the point? If you have a place at home that you can give to spottish equipment, and you have the opportunity to allocate a budget, then you can purchase and install in a secluded corner a promotional inventory for some easy movements, which will provide you with the opportunity for movements and exercises. In addition, the more you move, the more interest you will have for sports.


And what is this equipment? Let's figure it out.



Fitness exercise bike



Fitness equipment, it makes no sense without a bicycle. To improve your physical shape along with the treadmill, this simulator is based on the principle that you, while sitting on this simulator, pedal. The pedal stiffness can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the load. In models with an electronic screen, you can see the duration of training, the number of miles fired, control your pulse (if you hold on to the right points). At home the vertical fitness bike is most often used. The horizontal version of this simulator is not very common, but it consumes more energy. The main difference between the two models is the presence of a seat that supports your back and lower back. Despite the fact that it does not allow burning the same number of calories, it can be used by those who suffer from low back pain.

The involved zones: the lower part of the trunk, the back surface of the legs, the lumbar region




The most important fitness tool is, of course, a treadmill. The use of such equipment produces noise; so either walls in your house should not miss sounds, or you should not have neighbors from the bottom. In models with an electronic screen you can observe the time, distance, pulse. along with this, and also in most models there is an opportunity through a random program to try out various cardio modes, thanks to running at a low tempo. At home it is recommended to increase the pace slowly to avoid overloading.


The involved zones: Muscles of legs and spine, warming up


Elliptical bicycle


One of the most common types of fitness equipment is an elliptical bicycle, which makes it possible to ride a bicycle without sitting on it. Recognized by the long arms, this bicycle is set in motion by pressing the pedal with a full foot. This way you can increase the load and complicate the exercise. By controlling manually, with the power of your legs and muscles, this elliptical trainer is considered the most effective cardio sports tool.

The involved zones:  Upper, lower and lateral parts of the spine, internal muscles, cardio and warming up





The most ideal and convenient sports equipment that you can easily buy for use at home and which will not spoil your relationship with neighbors is considered to be various twisters.

There are two most popular types of twisters. Standing on the disk twister with both feet, you make moves to the right and left, similar to the one with which you twist the hoop. This movement is ideal for reducing the waist.

On the twister-stepper there are places for both legs, with which you can make steps with the desired speed and rigidity

The involved zones:  Abdomen, waist, balance


AB Roller



Roller AB can also be conveniently used at home. It does not take place, and will not do much harm to your wallet.

Having secured the knees and legs and grabbing this tool from both sides, and by moving the wheel you can move forward. AB roller is a friend of the muscles in your abdomen.

The involved zones:  Abdominal muscles, area of arms and shoulders


Dumbbells and weights (bars)



Despite the fact that dumbbells and weights were originally intended for exercise with weights, their fitness effect is also important. But only they are not useful for losing weight, but for those who increase their mass. Having bought one set, you can use them for many years. If you have a full-length mirror, you do not even need to go to a sports hall.

The involved zones: Muscles of arms, shoulders, neck and back


Tools for stretching (power)


Thinking about the stretching tool, you first of all represent a device in which you, conveniently resting your head on the pillow and holding on to the semi-circular handles, make movements. Some of them are sold as multifunctional tools: stretching tools, horizontal bar. In the gyms there are more cumbersome models, but mentioned by us can be used at home.

The involved zones: Abdomen


Stepper board

The most fun fitness equipment we left for the last. On the step-board you can take steps and aerobics exercises while listening to music on headphones. Having learned some movements on the Internet, you can create your movements and your choreography.

The involved zones: General fitness, the upper part of the legs, warming up


Flip-flop with counter


Since the jumper is not in principle an active tool, we included a model with an integrated counter in our article. Believe me, this will be very useful for you, since you will know how many jumps you have made. The movements that you made as a child are easy to repeat. Nostalgic feelings will help you improve your physical condition.
If you want to do more professionally, you can develop your workout program by watching some of the traffic on the Internet.

The involved zones:  Arms, legs, balance



In this article, we have tried to give some concise information of such an important subject training and fitness equipment for home use. The technology continues to evolve, and one can only imagine what else will be offered by the leading manufacturers of such equipment. To get acquainted with specific models of training simulators sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site for your convenience. is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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