Style Boho at the peak of popularity in 2018 2018-07-10 16:15:34
Style Boho at the peak of popularity in 2018

The sense of style is the ability to combine seemingly incongruous things. Boho is a style that gives an excellent reason for the most daring experiments.

"... Multi-layered skirts, sarafans, carelessly twisted scarves ... mind-blowing combinations of sackcloth and chiffon, fur and lace, flax and wool. Crochet accessories, bulky bags, flat shoes. Exceptionally natural materials. Bright, uninhibited style for creative ... Those who can master masterly combine at first sight not compatible. A style that presupposes the presence of an impeccable taste and sense of proportion, since it is dangerous to slip into excess and become like a clowness or a city madman ... "

Boho style is a chic, which does not have standards and patterns, it is a combination of different vintage elements and details with hippy motifs. This union looks very unusual and uncommon, but, nevertheless, it is always bright and elegant.

Boho style absorbed not only different ethnic motives, but also Roma. Therefore, this style is often associated with Bohemia - the Czech region, where just before the Roma lived.



Jewelery and various costume jewelery are an integral part of Boho style, despite the different outfits, because they add peculiar notes of your personality and identity to the style as a whole.



Boho style can definitely be described as a comfortable, free and free style with its own individuality and slight negligence. He will suit any creative person who is looking for self-expression and inspiration in creating his own unique image.


To create these or other jewelry or jewelry in the style of the Boho use mostly natural materials. Most often it is leather, suede, various natural stones or gems, as well as details made of wood, and, of course, textiles.




Any jewelry or decoration in the style of Boho, despite its texture and volume, are not devoid of femininity. Very stylish and feminine, for example, will look like a long earrings boho in combination with a light outfit with open shoulders. In addition, a note of charm, a special charm and beauty will give feminine headbands that look truly weightless, because the combination of delicate flowers and wreaths is always relevant.




Ethno - motives
Boho style reminds us of hippy times, it is very often traced ethnic motives and it is thanks to them that the images turn out to be easy and cozy.



Designer's approach
Many designers develop different decorations in this bohemian style. After all, to combine absolutely different things and create a unique design is quite difficult, but as a result, the decorations are really unique. Many famous design houses, such as Dolce and Gabbana, are inspired by the style of Bohos in creating their jewelry for fashion shows.




Varieties of sub-styles
Bijouterie boho is very diverse and unusual, interesting models of earrings, bracelets and rings can be found in oriental style, for example, in Turkish or Ottoman. No less interesting and models in the Greek style, which always shine on the catwalks of various designers. Also, you should look at the costume jewelry in the style of Gatsby, unusual earrings and headbands perfectly complement your bohemian image.




Luxuriously look absolutely all products of the Boho with ethno notes. But very often such decorations are performed not only in the ethnic style, but also in the Gothic style with the addition of a touch of impertinent grunge that perfectly complement the rock style.


Many companies produce the most unusual ornaments in the style of a boho. For example, "Bohemia Style", which presents various costume jewelry from Bohemian crystal with pearls and Swarovski crystals. And also costume jewelery "Temptation", which will perfectly complement your image. The most luxurious models for hair decorations are tiaras and crowns, earrings and bracelets in the style of Boho, of course, in Dolce and Gabbana. Find the beads of bows, pendants and pendants with stones at Frey Wille.




Examples of the most interesting types of jewelry

The combination of incongruous things is always unusual and new. The search, chic and bohemia and the creation of light images - all this is Boho style. If you want to draw attention to your image, then choose volume, textured ornaments in tone alongside or, on the contrary, the exact opposite. Various interesting ornaments in Boho style can be found at D & G, Valentino, Volha Jewelry. House of Harlow 1960, for example, presents models of jewelry with fine and elegant patterns in ethnic style. And also do not ignore the costume of River Island, which also focuses on hippy chic and boho.




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