5 most dangerous minerals in the world

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5 most dangerous minerals in the world

Usually minerals are admired, using them for making jewelry and bijouterie. However, it is better not to touch some of them. They are capable of harming a person, especially those who do not know about security measures. We suggest to learn the names of the 5 most dangerous minerals in the world.


The name of one of the most toxic minerals on Earth is cinnabar, which means "blood of a dragon." Find it easily by the saturated red color. Under the feet of such a mineral is not found - it is formed only near volcanoes or near the deposits of sulfur. When heated, cinnabar leads to convulsions and even death, since mercury is released from it.




The poisonous mineral auripigment is a peculiar combination of arsenic and sulfur. Its crystals are formed underground. Although it is not easy to get it, it poses a threat to people. Taking it in hand, anyone at risk of serious health problems. It is not for nothing that in the past arrows fell into the crushed mineral, in order to hit the enemy.




Torbernite is a mineral, water phosphate of copper and uranyl. Named after the Swedish chemist and mineralogist Torburn Bergman. Inclusions of the torbernite are often found in granite, which is twice as dangerous. It is highly radioactive. Crystals of this mineral exude a radon gas, capable of slowly killing a person, appealing to lung cancer. It is not difficult to learn it - it is distinguished by a deep green color, which so attracted collectors.




Antimonitis (stibnit) was the cause of death, until it became known about its properties. As it turned out, this mineral, similar to silver, causes food poisoning. But in the past it was used to make dishes.




If the above minerals can be damaged by chemical composition, then asbestos acts differently. The fact is that it consists of the smallest crystals, like thin threads. They can fly in the air and enter the lungs, causing tissue irritation. As a result, the lungs form scars. By the way, a small amount of asbestos can be found in the body of many people, since it is present in the atmosphere.



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