The best ideas for decorating a shared bathroom 2018-08-03 15:12:33
The best ideas for decorating a shared bathroom

Do you plan to repair a combined bathroom? We have prepared ten fresh ideas for designers. They help save space, visually push the boundaries of the bathroom and accommodate everything you need.


Shower room with transparent doors

Refusal of the cabins in favor of a stylish shower area with transparent doors and walls has many advantages.

Transparent partitions do not crush space, and the wall in the shower area can be designed differently: use a contrast finish or decorate the entire bathroom in a single style to combine space.




Corner sanitary appliances

To get around the shortcomings of a small bathroom and turn them into dignities, use corner toilets, sinks and bathtubs.



Pastel colors

Light shades visually expand the space, and do not necessarily use only white or beige.



Bright accents

Bright color impregnations will help to refresh the bathroom setting, place accents and divide space into zones.



Decor and accessories

Add room colors, wooden accessories, carefully choose textiles. This will give the home a warm atmosphere.





Elegant replacement or spectacular addition to the ceramic tile is a mosaic. In a combined bathroom it can be used for zoning or as a decorative accent.



Large mirrors


Mirrors can visually expand the boundaries of the room and make the space lighter.





If the place allows, arrange in a combined bathroom a small, but functional home laundry.





If your joint bathroom has flaws, try to turn them into dignities. For example, the bearing projections and communications can be hidden by equipping the storage system in niches.




Both bath and shower

If the area of the shared bathroom allows you to accommodate both a bath and a shower zone - use this opportunity.



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