The most expensive coffee in the world and other interesting facts about coffee 2018-08-31 12:22:56
The most expensive coffee in the world and other interesting facts about coffee

Who does not like to start his morning or finish a delicious dinner in a lovely company with a cup of fragrant coffee?! It's not even a question! Aroma of coffee captivates, fascinates, excites and evokes the most pleasant memories and dreams, not only among gourmets, but also those who only occasionally drink a cup of coffee to wake up and feel cheerful. Do you know what sorts of coffee exist? Or you have enough that you have in your closet a jar of instant drink, which you can enjoy in a hurry. In our today's article you will find some interesting facts about coffee.

Kopi-luvak is the most expensive coffee in the world. In addition, it is called the most rare and unusual drink because of the way of processing. He can afford a few coffeemakers, and not everyone will try to try it. What is its peculiarity?

The birthplace of this coffee is the island of Java. Today its production is established in Indonesia, the Philippines and India. However, the quantity of the goods is still limited, since the way of harvesting is very specific. Annually it is produced about 500 kg. Therefore, kop-luvak is also considered to be the rarest coffee.

Collect the fruits of the coffee tree with the help of the Asian palm civet. It's a little animal that loves them very much. He has an amazing ability to select only the best berries, thus replacing the diligent workers.



It is noteworthy that recently there have appeared animal farms, where civets are kept in captivity. However, in such conditions they are deprived of the opportunity to select the best fruits from the best - they are fed by staff. This as a result affects the taste of the drink.

The animals eat fruits, then digest the surrounding pulp and excrete the grains. This process is the reason for the high cost of coffee. Gastric juice of civet splits the proteins of the grains, so they acquire a slight bitterness with a hint of honey. The fragrance only intensifies when roasting, but with the condition that it will be short-lived.

Of course, the grains are taken only whole ones. They are dried under the sun, thoroughly washed, dried again and only then proceed to roasting. Therefore, buyers should not worry because of the purity of the product. However, not everyone is ready to drink such a drink.

The price of this coffee is also affected by the fact that they collect it only three months a year, since the plant is seasonal. The bulk is then exported (the leaders in the purchase are China and the United Kingdom).

The cost of coffee can reach from 120 to 300 US dollars per kilogram. At the same time, it is exported abroad at an overpriced price, which is 5 times higher than that of "Black Gold" coffee.




Interesting facts about green coffee



Green coffee has recently become very popular and has come into vogue as an easy way to lose weight. What is the use of such coffee and is there anyway? About this and many other things will tell interesting facts about green coffee.

  1. Green coffee is not fried coffee beans, which are extracted from the fruit of the coffee tree.
  2. From ordinary coffee, a drink made from green beans has a less intense aroma and herbaceous taste.
  3. Compared to fried green coffee contains 25% caffeine.
  4. The benefit of green coffee is that it is rich in chlorogenic acid. This substance is a strong antioxidant and releases the body from free radicals.
  5. The positive effect of green coffee on the skin is known due to the increase of its protective functions. Green coffee in cosmetology is also used to strengthen and improve the hair condition, to eliminate stretch marks and to prevent the appearance of wrinkles.
  6. According to research by Japanese scientists, the combination of chlorogenic acid and caffeine helps the body reduce fat deposits. But scientists emphasize that the drink itself does not have an effect, but only an auxiliary, combined with regular physical exercises and a balanced diet.
  7. Despite all its positive effects on the body, excessive consumption of green coffee (more than two to three cups a day on a regular basis), like usual, leads to increased blood pressure, worsening of the digestive tract, impaired calcium absorption, caffeine is addictive , provokes the appearance of ulcers, the development of osteoporosis, worsens memory, etc.
  8. Green coffee is contraindicated for people with cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, as well as pregnant and lactating mothers.



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