The most fashionable styling and haircuts for fall-winter 2018/2019 2018-10-16 18:17:41
The most fashionable styling and haircuts for fall-winter 2018/2019

Shoes, dresses, jackets, jeans, sweaters. It would seem that by the cold season you are ready. But one small detail is missing - a hairstyle. Yes, true women of fashion pay attention not only to what they are dressed or shod in, but also in what condition their hair is. Creative mess or mandatory styling - what do stylists say about it?


Wet styling, braids and bangs

Classic fine curls and styling with wet strands again in trend. And this, of course, can not please the girls. After all, one of the most fashionable styling looks like it was not made. The so-called effect “went to sleep with a wet head”, and in the morning it was slightly combed. The main thing is to make your hair look clean and well-groomed. This image in the new season is very inspiring designers and stylists.

Another current trend - braids. They can be smooth, thin, stand out in a voluminous hairstyle, or look like braids. Stylists note that in the fall-winter 2018/2019 season, any braid is good.

The next version of the trendy hairstyle is a bunch. You can make a low and high beam, and you can collect the hair on the side.

The fashion also bangs: straight and oblique, torn and perfectly smooth.

The most popular accessories are: zigzag hoop for hair, hairpins, crabs, paired symmetric clips, decorated invisible hairpins, headbands, ribbons, silk scarves. To stand out from the crowd, you just need to make an ordinary tail and tie it with a silk ribbon.




And if you suddenly decided on a cardinal change of image

For those who are tired of growing hair or just want to update their hairstyle, a haircut will be an excellent option.

Owners of long hair, who do not want to part with them, hairdressers stylists are advised to make a haircut cascade, creating the effect of a beautiful waterfall. It can be distinguished by highlighting and elongated bangs. If you want to shock the environment, you can shave off the temples or the back of the hair. This option also looks good on long curls. Extreme, but stylish.

Those who have the average length of hair, hairdressers are advised to pay attention to the bob haircut. There are more than enough options, the main thing is to understand what exactly you want. Classic elongated bob will give your hair a significant amount, graduated - will create a multi-layered effect.

In the trend today, and the so-called ultra short hair cut pixie. She emphasizes the oval of the face and the neckline, making her owner visually younger. Perfect for those who are not afraid of cardinal changes. Change and refresh your image, choose what you like and enter the coming season updated.


And for all these hairstyles you need clean hair.




3 ways to clean your hair without washing your hair

Girls, admit it, because there have been cases when you did not have time to wash your hair or only one drop of shampoo remained, but you need to look your best? And the hair needs to be given a fresh look in deadlines!

Method No. 1. Wash only bangs. Separate it with a few top strands, rinse with shampoo and blow dry. The rest of the hair will not interfere if they are fixed during the procedure with an elastic band. Make a haircut where you can cover other strands with clean hair.

Method No. 2. Wheat flour or dry mustard can perfectly cope with the role of “dry shampoo”. The first tool will suit blondes, the second - brown-haired women and brunettes. You need to powder the curls, rub with a dry towel and comb well with frequent teeth.

Method No. 3. Squeeze the juice of 1/2 lemon. Apply with a cotton swab on shiny hair, wait 5-7 minutes and dry with a hairdryer. Hair will not only freshen, but also will shine.



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