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The most unusual chocolate in the world

Millions of people around the world love chocolate, although there is still a division between those who prefer white, milk or black chocolate. Some big differences between them do not see or choose sweets with stuffing. However, there are other tastes in the world that are popular in individual countries. We suggest to find out what is the most unusual chocolate in the world.

The popularity of chocolate is confirmed by the fact that the world sales of this delicacy in 2001 exceeded the mark of 100 billion US dollars. In some countries it is customary to celebrate the day of chocolate. All this forces the producers to experiment with the tastes and try to stand out in the market. Sometimes this leads to unexpected results.

  1. Chocolate from camel milk is distributed in the UAE. The thing is that this milk is in great demand. Its plus is that it contains less fat, which means it's more useful. Manufacturers of this sweetness assure that their product does not harm even diabetics.
  2. The combination of chocolate and alcohol has long been considered exquisite, but it usually refers to cognac. In Switzerland, which is famous for its sweets, chocolate is produced with absinthe in the form of a filling. Its content is small - only 8.5%, so there is no question of any intoxication.
  3. Curry flavor is known for its unusual flavor, but in combination with chocolate it acquires a different taste. This was taken advantage of by an American company. She uses spicy spices to make an alternative to already famous chocolate with hot pepper.
  4. In the world there is also chocolate with rose petals. Not surprisingly, this romantic additive was invented by the French. They dilute the rose petals with lavender and violet. They are added in dried and candied form. By the way, their taste is rather weak, but the smell of such a treat is very pleasant.
  5. Many people love chocolate for its sweetness, which causes criticism among connoisseurs of dark chocolate. However, both the first and the second can surprise the salty chocolate bars. Americans consider the experiment very successful, as the taste of salt, in their opinion, only strengthens the taste of the chocolate itself.
  6. In England you can find a rare kind of sweetness - chocolate with hay. It takes dry grass, mown around a five-star hotel Coworth Park. By the way, you can try it only for its guests.
  7. Finally, you can mention chocolate with bacon. Make it in Chicago. With such an unusual combination, the manufacturer decided to achieve popularity among Americans who are famous for their love for bacon and sweets. By the way, this is not his first strange combination, because in his assortment you can find chocolate with mushrooms.


The most expensive chocolate in the world

Chocolate is one of the most popular confectionery products in the world. This delicacy has long gone beyond food products, whole museums of chocolate are being created, and chocolate art is developing to create sculptures from this delicacy. The most expensive chocolate in the world is appreciated above all not for the original packaging or additions in the form of jewelry, but for its impeccable quality.

  1. The most desirable delicacy at the very English Queen Elizabeth II - American chocolate producer Chocopologie by Knipschildt. The price per pound of such delicacy (453 g) is 2600 dollars.
  2. Another American chocolate company Noka has produced an exclusive collection of black chocolate worth $ 854 per pound. This chocolate is made from the best varieties of cocoa beans that grow in Venezuela and Ecuador.
  3. It is known that Switzerland is not only the country of the best watches and cheeses, but also the most delicious chocolate. So, the chocolate of the Swiss company Delafee is sold for $ 508 per pound. They produce this delicacy from the cocoa beans of Ghana and Ecuador, and the unique formula preserves the taste and aroma of this chocolate for many years.
  4. A series of American chocolate delicacies Godiva "G" Collection, according to the manufacturer, will not leave indifferent any gourmet. Chocolate sweets of this series have different tastes and flavors. This chocolate is sold for $ 120 per pound.
  5. In honorable fifth place is the French producer of chocolate Richart. A pound of delicacies under this name is sold for 120 dollars. Popular additional ingredients of such chocolate are almonds, spices and raspberries.


Facts about chocolate



The taste of chocolate is certainly the most recognizable in the world. We consume it in an uncountable quantity, but what do we know about it? How many secrets does this ancient product contain? Is it useful for our health or is it harmful? Does chocolate really cheer up or is it another fiction of cunning marketers? Here are some facts about chocolate that will make you buy chocolate or, conversely, limit its consumption.

  • Black chocolate contains more cocoa and less sugar. It is more beneficial for the body than milk and white.
  • Frequent consumption of dark chocolate reduces the risk of heart disease by three times.
  • The smell of chocolate stimulates theta brain waves, which promote deep relaxation.
  • Chocolate can cause a headache. People suffering from migraine and chronic headaches are advised to limit the consumption of this product.
  • Because of the high content of caffeine and sugar, chocolate is considered the leading cause of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in children.
  • Studies have shown that chocolate lovers live about a year longer than people who are indifferent to it.
  • Scientists have not identified the relationship between the use of black chocolate and the appearance of acne.
  • Alfred Hitchcock replaced the chocolate syrup with blood for the filming of the famous scene in the shower in the movie "Psycho".
  • Champagne and sparkling wines do not mix well with chocolate because of their sour taste. Red wine is perfect.
  • About 70% of money in the pre-Easter week is spent on the purchase of chocolate.
  • Chocolate, melting in the mouth, causes a person stronger and longer emotions than with a kiss.
  • Chocolate was included in the diet of soldiers of the Second World War. By order of the army command, a special sort of this product was developed, the taste of which resembled boiled potatoes, so that soldiers did not eat it quickly.
  • Approximately 40% of the world's almond is used for the production of chocolate.
  • Cocoa is considered to be one of the oldest foods consumed by humans for food.
  • In white chocolate, there is absolutely no pure cocoa.
  • 50% of Americans prefer the smell of chocolate to any other flavors.

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