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The smallest books in the world

In order to read some books, you need a magnifying glass, and sometimes even a microscope. Because their creators set a goal - to create the smallest books in the world. As a rule, they are exhibited in private collections or in museums to surprise visitors with their size.

Although this lesson can be called unusual, there are quite a few admirers. Each of them struggles for leadership, trying to reduce their creation. So, the artist-microminiaturist Vladimir Aniskin from Russia created 2 micro-books with the size of 64 x 90 micrometers, having managed to place them on a cut of poppy grain. The page contains only 7 characters. The first book is "The Left-hander" (a collection with the names of the masters who shod the flea). The second one is called "Alphabet" and contains all the letters of the Russian alphabet. These amazing specimens were presented in 2016. Whether they will become record holders is not yet known.

In 1996, in the Russian publishing house "Siberian Lefty", which specializes in miniature books, Anton Chekhov's story "Chameleon" was published in a 29-page edition measuring 0.9 x 0.9 millimeters.



Not only text was placed in it, but also 3 color illustrations. For a long time this particular edition was included in the Guinness Book of Records. At the moment this copy is in the Museum of Miniatures in Prague.

The previous record was broken in 2013, when a 22-page micro-book "Flowers for Every Season" was created in Japan, the length of which reached 0.75 millimeters. The size of the letters was only 0.01 millimeter in height. That is, the text was almost invisible to the naked eye. As well as black-and-white illustrations of flowers. This edition is listed in the Guinness Book of Records. It is exhibited in the Press Museum of the company Toppan Printing Co.. Ltd in Tokyo.

To date, the most famous collector of the smallest books is Joseph Tari. On the shelves in his closet holds more than 4,500 copies of printed publications, the size of which does not exceed 76 millimeters in height. In content they are very different - among them there are collections of works of poets, and self-instruction manuals, and reference books. From the entire collection of the most miniature is recognized a book measuring 2.9 x 3.2 mm.



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