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Things that should and should not be washed in a washing machine

Throwing something in the washing machine is a matter of one minute. Get out in an hour already ruined - too. Sometimes it is easier to wash a thing by hand or carry it to a dry cleaner, so as not to get upset at the sight of a jacket with collapsed down, painted white towels or a spoiled lace scarf.

We tried to figure out what things can and can not be washed in a typewriter, which should be washed under special conditions (temperature, spin, type of detergent) and why.


1. Sport shoes



Can: sneakers, except for the cheapest, as which you are not sure.

The sneakers must be washed:

  • in cold or warm water (up to 40 ° C): high temperature can spoil the sole;
  • adding a little powder: the machine is designed for a certain amount of detergent, and all the excess will remain on the things;
  • along with things that will amortize the shaking in the tank: old unwanted t-shirts or towels.

Can not: sneakers, because they can be damaged by pressure, squeezing and hot water.

Nike advises washing the sneakers by hand and drying in the fresh air, Asics - use a toothbrush and do not put near the radiator. It's simple, but it works.


2. Underwear



Can: underwear with or without plastic bones. Wash in a special bag for washing, in cold or warm water (up to 40 ° C), squeeze out at low speed, dry in the air (not on a hot battery and not in the sun).

Can not: bra with metal bones, as the stone can become stuck in the drum or cause damage to be worse. In addition, the bone can be severely deformed, and the laundry will lose shape.

Also not recommended:

  • wash in hot water, squeeze out at high speeds, dry in a typewriter and in the sun linen from elastic synthetics: nylon, polyamide and spandex;
  • mix cotton underwear with any things of a different color: there is always a risk that it will color.


3. Covers and bedspreads



Can: covers and bedspreads that do not stain water, do not shrink, without curved bends.

Can not:

  • coverlets, which are difficult to fit into the machine: they do not wash and can not rinse properly;
  • products coated with a pet's pet's coat: this can spoil the machine;
  • cases sewed for a certain thing: if they shrink, it will be hard to put them back;
  • products that are painted. Attach a water-soaked swab and see if the fabric has left traces; if left, after washing, the color may fade, become uneven.


4. Sportswear



Can: sports clothes apart from other things. It should be washed immediately after training, without leaving lying in the basket: in cold water, in a delicate mode, with minimal spin and without drying.

Can not: sportswear together with other things.

It is also undesirable:

  • add air conditioning: they clog the fibers and do not give sportswear to absorb sweat;
  • put high temperature: it deprives sports things of their properties;
  • spin at high speeds: it stretches the fibers and reduces the life of things.


5. Embroidery and lace



  • embroidery threads or ribbons: delicate mode, without bleaches, without strong spinning, inside out and better in cold water. Before washing, you need to check whether the product is being painted;
  • synthetic lace: in cold or warm water (up to 40 ° C), delicate mode, without strong spinning.

Can not: things with a volume decoration - glass, wooden, plastic. Plastic will lose its luster, the tree will deteriorate, glued crystals can fall away. With each wash, such products lose their original appearance..

Not advisable: Lace with things on which there are zippers, buttons, buttons and fasteners.



6. Bags and backpacks




  • single-layer cotton bags for products, sportswear and footwear;
  • bags, in which there is no mixture of synthetic and natural fabrics, cardboard inserts, water repellent coating;
  • at a low temperature, with a similar type of things in composition and color.

Can not: backpack, if the manufacturer does not recommend doing it - it can get unstuck, damage the machine, suffer from friction and temperature, or paint other things.


7. Outerwear




  • things from cotton and synthetics without special coatings;
  • products without inserts from leatherette: it can be deformed;
  • things in which all zippers are buttoned: during washing, you can damage both the clasp and the machine.

Can not: things, which include a lot of materials. Inserts from kozhzam can lose color, peel off, scratch. Non-removable cotton elements (for example, a hood) on synthetic things can be painted. The natural fur can not be erased: the leather base will churn and it will be impossible to restore it.

Not recommended: clothes with a water-repellent coating in hot water and with spinning at high speeds. Friction and spinning can damage the fibers. It is not recommended to use air conditioners, bleach, stain removers when washing such things.


8. Thngs with filler


Can: things with synthetic filler - sintepona, polyester, polyester. They quickly restore the form, do not hold unpleasant odors, do not get off. If your pillow is such, most likely, it has a synthetic filler.

Can not: pillows filled with chicken feathers. Such feathers are knocked down, moldy, an unpleasant smell may appear, because they do not have impregnation, like feathers of water birds. If your pillow does not hold the shape well, it's likely that it has feathers.

Not recommended:

  • pillows with a memory foam: this washing destroys the structure of the product;
  • things filled with feathers of ducks, geese, swans: they can be washed only if there is an indication of the manufacturer. Before washing, you need to check that there are no holes anywhere and the pillow or blanket does not rupture, and after washing you need to rinse them at least 2-3 times.


9. Warm clothes



Can: things from acrylic and synthetics. Acrylic looks like wool, but brighter, lighter, less wrinkles and is pricked. For acrylic are suitable:

  • delicate washing;
  • cold or warm water - up to 40 ° C;
  • washing with other things: this will protect against stretching.

Can not: woolen things. In order not to damage your favorite sweater, it must be washed in cool water with a mild detergent. The wool reacts poorly to the spinning, so it is better to squeeze water out of it, without twisting or stretching it. This wash will take 10 minutes, but relieve the regret that the experiment with the machine failed.


10. Curtains



Can: Curtains and curtains, if they are freely placed in the machine. Synthetic, cotton products, on the labels of which the possibility of machine washing is directly indicated, it is better to put on a delicate regime, use a low temperature, a few rinses and a gentle spin.

Can not:

  • heavy curtains: when washing they will collect water, become even heavier, they can damage the machine;
  • curtains, on which metal rings are sewn, especially if the product has not been erased for a long time and there are traces of rust on the rings;
  • products sewn from several materials, for example, in the presence of a lining, one of the components can shrink;
  • curtains with rigid folds, sewn or pressed in a certain sequence;
  • lace curtains made of thin and light materials: they can tear, shrink, etc.

Do you have any observations, what other things should not the machine wash?


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