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Tips for buying and using home theaters

Watching movies at home is a special pleasure. This desire only increases with the onset of cold weather, especially in the winter months. To create a home cinema atmosphere, in addition to the TV, you will need additional equipment. And we are here to help you and explain how to choose this "supplement". Do not start watching movies without reading our advice. already now wishes you a pleasant stay!



1. To create an atmosphere of the cinema, choose the most favorite corner in your house.

To enjoy the cinema at home, choose the most beloved corner. Then try to place on this space a TV, home theater and other similar devices. Loving this corner, you do not want light on the screen of your TV. The choice of the distance from the chair to the screen is yours.


2. In small rooms, test a soundbar.

Watching an HD movie on many modern TV sets creates a strong bass sound, but no TV can replace the home theater sound system. If you do not have enough space in the house, you may be thinking about buying a soudnbar.

This device is a crossbar with a built-in sound reinforcement system. This device in some models is installed under the TV, in others over the TV, thereby creating an atmosphere of the cinema.


3. Create a place for a bass effect that shakes the walls of the cinema.

To create the ideal cinema, it is very important to install the recessed bass loudspeakers of the sound system. But in order to ensure that the installed speakers do not create unnecessary noises and noises, muffle the sound and irritate your hearing, reflected from niches and other structures, you need to get rid of them. Similar sound systems work in cinemas.


4. Place the sound speakers on the bookshelves.

For enjoyment when watching movies at home, you need to separate the sound amplifiers and speakers and install them in strategic locations. The ideal solution is to place the speakers in 4 different angles. Small speakers can be installed on bookshelves, to the right and left of the TV, which will create the effect and atmosphere of the cinema, ensuring a uniform distribution of sound in space.


5. The Surround sound system should be mounted well.

Surround sound system is the peak point of watching movies at home. This mixed sound system includes 6 sound channels and speakers: in the center, right and left, 2 rear and 1 deep bass speaker. The most difficult point of using this device is the installation of rear sound amplifiers. For this reason, you can install them on the wall or at the furthest two points on the wall.



6. The viewing angle is very important if you want to make 3D images!

It does not matter whether you watch a movie or an animated film, to date, nothing can replace the effect of 3D. After buying a 3D TV it's important to decide how you plan to watch movies on it. Conveniently located in the chair, with the turn of the head you can disrupt the effect of 3D and even cause a headache. For this viewing it is important to pay attention to the viewing angle and sit straight.


7. Control the angles.

Some HD TV models can be viewed at a wide angle, while others require you to view strictly in the center. Ie, before buying a comfortable set of levans and armchairs and start drilling holes in the walls, check and choose the best viewing angle of the TV.


8. Pay attention to gloss and glare.

Usually, movie theaters offer you viewing movies on a white screen, which is a matter of secrecy. At home, one of the unpleasant moments when watching a movie can be light that hits the screen. In this case, your pleasure of watching the movie is spoiled. We recommend that you try and place the TV clockwise from the light source to be able to rotate the screen into the shadow. Shading curtains will also help you in this, choose the places of night-lamps and terchers in the corresponding way or do not 


9. Achieve two advantages with one curve.


Another solution to the problem of lighting and viewing angle is the Curved TV. The disadvantage of these TVs with modern technology is a relatively high price.


10. Pay attention to soundproofing.

Installing a home theater is, of course, a great idea, but knowing how thin the walls are in buildings, you need to think about neighbors.



11. And the last advice for installing a movie theater at home: headphones…

Those who do not want to bother with installing a home theater system and soundproofing can take advantage of our advice: purchase and use headphones!

Between these tips, you can enjoy watching movies without buying large sound systems and forcing your neighbors to experience discomfort by resting at home simply by buying wireless headphones. So, without thinking about where to put the speakers and how loud I set up the sound, you can feel the taste of watching the movie in the cinema from anywhere in your house.


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