Top 5 tallest sand castles in the world 2018-10-06 14:58:37
Top 5 tallest sand castles in the world

Creating sand castles is one of the most favorite children's entertainment and at the same time a popular hobby among adults. It requires skill and patience, since such masterpieces take a lot of time and effort. We offer the top 5 of the highest sand castles in the world, the existence of which is difficult to believe.


  1. The latest world record set in Miami in 2015. The height of the sand construction was 13.7 meters. About 20 masters worked on it, including the famous Ted Siebert. For the construction took more than 1.8 tons of sand. It is a collection of the most famous architectural monuments on Earth, including the Roman Colosseum, the Statue of Liberty, the Tower of Pisa, the Taj Mahal and others.
  2. Prior to that, another record for the height of the sand castle was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. In Rio de Janeiro in 2014, a 12-meter-tall building appeared. It was created by 15 people, and the idea of ​​the project belongs to the artist Rusty Croft. Local authorities decided to destroy the castle after the record was fixed. This was done for security reasons, as the sand threatened to fall asleep tourists who were photographed near the castle.
  3. In 2013, American sculptor Ed Jarrett built a building at 11.63 meters. It took him several weeks and the help of hundreds of volunteers. His project was a charity. The sand castle attracted the attention of those wishing to help the victims of the superstorm Sandy. That is why the record structure was called "Sandy Castle".
  4. Interestingly, the previous records of sand castles also belong to Ed Jarrett. This sculptor 4 times hit the Guinness Book of Records, and then excelled himself. His first official world record was set in 2003. Then the castle was built with a height of only 0.88 meters.
  5. By the way, one of the highest castles waited a tragic fate. In 2011, Ed Jarrett, with the support of dozens of volunteers, erected a structure about 1.2 meters high. When he was almost ready, precipitation fell. Weather conditions began to destroy the creation in front of the creators. Despite this, the project initiator thanked his assistants for their hard work.


Among the sand castles there is another unusual record holder - the longest castle. This is a palace with a length of 27.5 kilometers. It is built in Germany.

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