Top 7 strangest sweets in the world 2018-10-17 10:37:02
Top 7 strangest sweets in the world

These sweet teeth dream of delicious cakes and sweets and can assure you that they will not give up on any sweet dish. However, in different countries there are recipes that can change their minds. We offer the top 7 of the strangest sweets in the world.


1. In Thailand, where unusual dishes are popular both among the local population and among extreme tourists, crickets in chocolate are sold. This is not a figurative name, since insects are indeed placed in a sweet shell. Such a delicacy cannot be called the strangest in these parts, but for many it will be unacceptable.



2. The list of countries with unusual sweets could not but get in Japan, in which experiments with food have become a tradition. Here in the shops you can buy squid and other seafood in candied form.


3. Increasingly, chocolate is entering the market, which, in addition to the usual sweet taste, contains a different flavor. Chocolate is sold in Chicago with bacon bits, mushrooms and Mexican spices. In Japan, you can try Kit-Kat with the taste of Sakura and Chilean pepper. By the way, this product was created special for the Japanese.



4. Since 1995, Mars began to fry Mars bar in Scotland. This idea was submitted by one of the locals, who decided to diversify his menu. Many people liked his discovery, after which they began to make dainty on the basis of Snickers, Bounty and Twix bars.



5. The Turkish hotel Özkonak is a restaurant, which menu includes a strange dish - chicken in condensed milk. The local chefs prepare the meat with sweet, complementing it with rice, milk and spices. They claim that this amazing dessert has a long history.


6. Halva is a favorite delicacy of many sweet teeth, but in India they are in for a surprise. It sells vegetable halva, made from flour, vegetables and ghee. Moreover, a set of products may vary, so there are recipes with carrots, cabbage and beets.



7. In one of the Scottish pastry shops have come up with their own way to make sweets. Here they are fried in deep fat. Sweets are dipped in hot fat, making them considered among the most high-calorie. By the way, in size they are more ordinary sweets and more like a chocolate bar.




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