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Training and fitness equipment for home

Exercising is not only fashionable, but also useful. In view of the heavy workload and fatigue, many simply do not reach the sports hall. Training equipment (simulator) for the house - the solution of your problems with the figure and health. Normal exercises without special devices, such as squats, running on the spot, push-ups and others, gradually get bored and do not bring the desired result. Sports simulators allow you to adjust the load and eventually increase it, which will lead to progress much faster.


Home simulators are called so because they are intended for use in city apartments, cottages, country houses and, as a rule, are not used for commercial purposes (as equipping sports clubs, fitness centers, training bases). The home simulator is a budget variant of a sports projectile, which allows the user to perform a whole complex of exercises for the development of different muscle groups without purchasing additional devices.


What is better than home variations in the gym?

1. You do not need to wait for your turn to start the exercise. For the appearance of the effect in power or fitness training, the intervals between the approaches should be strictly observed. In the hall, this is difficult to do if you do not have a personal trainer.

2. You should buy a simulator for the home if you are shy of your figure or physical indicators. In a familiar and comfortable environment it will be easier to get used to the load and develop a sense of self-confidence.

3. Regardless of your work schedule, you will have the opportunity to practice daily. Simulators for all muscle groups will allow you to remain fit, prepare for the beach season or leave. Home workouts are also useful because sooner or later your second half will join you.



Features & Specs

The simulator for the house differs in compact size, medium weight and convenient, in some cases, folding design. The advantages of such a simulator are obvious: it is easy to transport and install, it does not take up much space in the apartment and does not require special skills in setting up. On home simulators you can practice at any convenient time and do not spend money on regular trips to the gym.

Depending on the principle of operation, the level of the load and the way it is applied, cardiovascular equipment, power trainers and universal simulators for home use (riders, inversion tables, various series, etc.) are distinguished.

Cardiovascular equipment includes a treadmill, a bicycle, a stepper and an ellipsoid - these systems are designed to correct the figure, improve metabolism and strengthen the heart. If your goal is to lose extra pounds and build muscle, then choose your power trainer.

The simplest power trainers for home use are bars, racks, horizontal bars, power benches and benches for the press. In addition, in the stores that place their goods on the, we offer home fitness equipment with built-in weights. On our site you can find both cardiovascular equipment and multifunction simulators. Multifunctional sports simulators for the home, will allow you to perform exercises on all the major muscles (legs, hands, back, press, chest).



Modern fitness equipment for home use meets all comfort requirements: they are equipped with comfortable rubberized handles and levers, ergonomic adjustable seat, support cushion and a platform for the feet. A wide range of options makes it easy to adjust the load level. Choosing the best simulator for the house, pay attention to its design: it is important that it is in harmony with the interior of your apartment.

In this article, we have tried to give some concise information of such an important subject training and fitness equipment for home use. The technology continues to evolve, and one can only imagine what else will be offered by the leading manufacturers of such equipment. To get acquainted with specific models of training simulators sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site for your convenience. is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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