Washing machines. What is new?

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Washing machines. What is new?


Top models of washing machines are equipped with the function of an autodose. You just need to fill with a liquid detergent special container and forget about this for 20 wash cycles. It seems to be a trifle, but pleasant. But that is not all. The consumption of the product is based on the washing conditions: the machine will calculate the required amount depending on the selected program, the specified additional options and the weight of the laundry. If you count the amount of the transferred and unfinished powder for many years, this very convenient function pays for yourself with interest. Many somehow believe that the more you put the detergent, the better things will be washed, but this is not so: it is then rinsed out badly from the laundry, there may be an allergy, and it does not affect the quality of washing for the better. Now this function is on washing machines of the brand Siemens and Miele.

It is estimated that an automatic dosage system saves 30% of the detergent.



Another interesting twist in the laundry business is steam washing. This, in general, is not a new business, but in domestic washing machines steam programs have appeared relatively recently, although they have long been known about dry cleaners and laundry. The main purpose of steam programs is to smooth the fabric, get rid of wrinkles, facilitate ironing, partially decontaminate, and release clothing from foreign odors. And, of course, one of the main tasks is the destruction of various allergens. Now these technologies are used in household washing machines from LG with True Steam technology, Electrolux with SteamSystem technology, which allows processing both cotton products and delicate things. Steam technology is also available in German brands, such as Miele, for example, there is SteamCare, which provides individual steam settings for different types of laundry.



Programs against stains

Few people know that the fight against stains occurs at a fairly low temperature (about 40 ° C). Simply increasing the washing time, when the active stain removers - enzymes and increasing the time of the usual washing (mechanical phase), manufacturers achieve the effect of washing the stains. So, for example, it happens in washing machines Indesit.

However, not so long ago under the Siemens brand was introduced a family of washing machines iSensoric with the technology of removing as many as 16 types of stains - stainRemoval. The user only needs to select the spot type in the electronic menu. Further, the machine control system accurately calculates the volume of water, its temperature and time suitable for washing the selected spot type. No pre-soaking, no getting-away from you is not required.

Hotpoint-Ariston also has a line of washing machines for removing as many as 20 kinds of stains.

Samsung also goes its own way through "Intense Soak" (Bubble Soak). Lingerie is carefully soaked in a soap-foam solution. This solution, due to the air saturation, penetrates deep into the tissue and destroys the stain structure. A differentiated approach, like Siemens, is not here.



Combating allergens

Combating allergens is carried out with the help of the program "Anti-allergy". One of the rinses during its operation takes place in hot water (60 ° C). Together with the traditional rinsing in cold water, this will make it more likely to deal with allergens. Similar options are available in such machines as Hotpoint-Ariston and AEG.

As an anti-allergic program also use the option of washing children's things, because in it at high temperatures there is a thorough rinsing in a lot of water. From allergens can also get rid of by steam treatment.


Decrease wash time

Another trend in the "washing kingdom" - a shorter washing time. Some do not like that washing can take 2-3 hours. Here short cycles come to the rescue. The machine itself decides how long it will take to wash, under the specified conditions. Short cycles (15, 20, 30 minutes) - this is a solution for not too messy things. Why long to erase a T-shirt, which was once put on, and not for a trip to the gym, but for an evening walk? Do not wash it long! Wash quickly, once the dirt is minimal. Short programs are now available in almost all washing machines, even economy class.

And for fast, but high-quality washing of really dirty things, there is a speedPerfect function. The machine, hitting the electronic brains, will try to find on what you can save time without compromising the quality of washing. Summarizing the information, taking into account additional options, she will decide what minimum time it will take for this washing. By the way, in the speedPerfect mode, the bleach properties are faster in the detergent - thanks to a slightly higher water temperature. Saving time in some cases up to 65% of the duration of the standard wash cycle.

Electrolux uses the TimeManager function. The user himself can choose the washing time from the variants suggested by the machine. Each option corresponds to a certain degree of pollution of things - it's all displayed on the display, easy to understand.



Pre-dissolving the powder

The main innovation of the latest generation of machines is the option "Pre-dissolving the powder". In Samsung, it is implemented using Eco Bubble technology. Before starting the washing, the built-in generator creates air bubbles, dissolving the detergent in water and turning it into a soap-foam solution. It is served on linen, quickly penetrates into the fabric and effectively wipes off the dirt. In addition, washing is more gentle, since there is no initial mechanical impact on the fabric of the microgranules of the detergent powder.


Drum rotation algorithms

The latest innovation from LG - 6 Motion - the rotation of the drum. The point is that in washing machines with this technology there are several algorithms for the operation of the drum, suitable for different types of fabric with different degrees of contamination).

In addition to the usual rotation (basic), there are other types of it: "Torsion", "Wiggle", "Saturation," Smoothing "and" Reverse rotation ". All of them are elements of various washing cycles, they are used to return purity to things from different tissues, different degrees of pollution. The user does not need to think about exactly how the drum will rotate, of course. From the solution of this difficult task, fortunately, he was released. All occurs automatically, within the limits of this or that program of washing. While there are no analogues of this technology with other manufacturers.



Cellular structure of the drum

More about the drums. Honeycomb drum washing machine - the invention of engineers Miele. Its surface inside consists of small convex hexagons, similar to bee honeycombs. Due to this relief, during washing, a thin water film forms between the laundry and the walls of the drum - the fabric gently slides over it. This ensures gentle washing without losing quality. In these drums there are no welding seams, which extends the service life.

Naturally, all the most advanced technical solutions always appear first in top models with inverter (asynchronous) motors. But today their way in the middle price segment is not so long. So, do not let the impressive price tags on some washing machines with the latest washing technologies scare you: a lot later will be in much more accessible versions.


In this article, we have tried to show you the future of such an important subject of household appliances, like a washing machine. The technology continues to evolve, and one can only imagine what else will be offered by the leading manufacturers of household appliances. To get acquainted with specific models of washing machines and other large and small household appliances sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. for your convenience.


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