What do you feed your pets?

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What do you feed your pets?

The idea of mass preparation of pet food originated in the middle of the XIX century in the United States. A young entrepreneur, James Spratt, after being on business in London, saw whole hordes of stray dogs rummaging in the port in search of food. They eagerly devoured biscuits from the dry soldering of sailors. As it turned out, the shelf life of the biscuits was overdue, and the sailors massively threw them out at the port docks. This led Spratt to the idea of producing industrial biscuits for dogs. In 1860, he registered his patent for this product for dogs under the name "Sprout's meat biscuit sprouts". "Biscuits" were a mixture of wheat flour and vegetables, mixed with veal blood.

But the first feed in the modern form, that is, in the form of commercial plant production of dry granulated fodder for dogs and cats at the same time, appeared in 1922. After 6 years, the company has already produced dry food specially for dogs, which was declared the first full-fledged and balanced industrial feed.

By 1968, a real boom in the production of dry animal feed, such as the now known to all owners of dogs and cats of the brand Royal Canin, Bozita, Simba, Chicopee, Katinka, Dr. Clauder's, Baron and others.


Modern technologies of production of dry feeds based on baking allow the addition of more meat products. Later baking was replaced by extrusion and complete automation of the production process. Extruded dry food is manufactured at temperatures of 120-150 ° C under high pressure for a short time, about 30 seconds. Some manufacturers claim that because of this non-standard treatment, cell walls and chemical bonds break, the structure of raw materials changes, the microflora (bacteria, fungi) is destroyed and the product is better absorbed by your pets. At the same time, it is believed that these feeds contain from 40 to 70% of cereals, soybeans, etc., components that dogs and cats can not practically digest, because their digestion is not adapted to such a quantity of rice, soy, wheat, barley and corn.

There are other ways of introducing buyers into confusion. One of the standard ways manufacturers "throw dust in the eye" about the content of meat products - is to attribute that the meat of fresh birds is, for example, 40%. In fact, dried and chopped meat products are used in feeds.

The most valuable are dry food with a high content of meat products and without the addition of cereals, soy or gluten-containing additives. Also, there is a growing demand for dry feeds of "cold" cooking, in which important components do not warm up above 40 ° C.




Read the packaging, be interested in the origin of raw materials for feed. The feed brands do not have to be large and well-known to produce a good, high-quality product. Often, it can be family businesses that use raw materials from their farms and are not advertised for big money on television, but have a simple Internet page, but produce the best dry food in ordinary soft packaging that are useful and eaten with pleasure.



Classification of feed, the so-called feed rating is as follows:

  • Economy class feed, made from low-grade raw materials. Most often not fully absorbed by the body of the animal, with the use of such food, stomach upsets, allergic reactions, and diseases of internal organs are possible. What is noteworthy: it is these mixtures that are most often advertised by the media.
  • Dry premium class feeds are also not of high quality. In order to improve the quality of ingredients "visually", manufacturers generously add preservatives, enhancers of smell and taste to their products. The advantage of dry premium food in comparison with the economy class is an increase in the amount of animal protein.
  • Dry super-premium class feeds along with cereals includes meat and eggs and food additives. This mixture can be selected according to the age of the dog, and according to its physical state, lifestyle, which is undoubtedly a great advantage. The downside of the super-premium feed is a small concentration of substances not digested by the animal's body.
  • Holistic class is considered to be the best quality dry food for pets. The composition of such mixtures is perfectly matched and balanced. Producers of holistic dog food in detail write a composition that includes meat, cereals, oils, as well as probiotics that improve digestion. Such food has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the dog.



You can always search the internet for a rating of dry feed that is constantly being revised.


Here, for example, the rating of dog food for 2017.


Class Brands (country of production)

Pedigree (Hungary/ USA)

Darling (Hungary, France)

Chappi (Russia, USA)

ARO (Ukraine)


Brit Premium (Czech)

Hills Science Plan (Holland)

ABBA premium (Holland)

Probalance (Russia)

Royal Canin (Russia)

ProPlan (Russia, Italy, France)

ProNature Original (Canada)

Advance (Spain)

Chicopee (Germany)

Верные друзья (Russia)


Monge (Italy)

Brit Care (Czech)

Dukes Farm (UK)

Grandin (Чехия)

Bosch (Czech)

Summit (Canada)

Belcando (Germany)

Arden Grange (UK)

Barking Heads (UK)

Eukanuba (Russia)


Acana (Canada)

Go Natural (Canada)

Now Fresh (Canada)

Grandorf (Belgium)

Applaws (UK)

Orijen (Canada)

CarniLove (Czech)

Farmina N&D (Brazil, Italy, Serbia)

Savarra (UK)

Wolfsblut (UK)


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