What mean these letters on the package of face cream

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What mean these letters on the package of face cream

The foundation cream seems to have always existed. Several years ago its rival - BB-cream was introduced to the market, and the effect was like a bomb explosion: all brands without exception picked up the idea. And not so long ago cosmetic brands began to issue skincare with prefixes CC, DD, PP. What is the difference between them?


When choosing and buying skincare products for face and body, we often come across a notation that we do not understand.


Let's look at some of them. The essence of the means lies in its name.


BB cream

What does it mean? Beauty Balm, Blemish Balm - balm for beauty or balm from imperfections.

Initially these beauty balms (BB - acronym for beauty balm) appeared in Korea and were positioned as an alternative to everything: it was suggested to use BB cream instead of moisturizer, serum, primer and tonal agent. Especially advanced companies immediately gave their products the name "5 in one" or even "10 in one". In fact, this is marketing and no more: to replace moisturizing cream and serum, these funds can not.

What's the secret? Its purpose - leveling the tone of the face skin, eliminating the shortcomings (pigment spots, redness, scars). True, it turns out that the texture of it is still light and does not fit, for example, for problem skin. BB cream is a remedy that combines the quality of the moisturizing cream and the masking qualities of the tonal. Depending on the type of BB cream, in addition to moisturizing, it can also nourish, rejuvenate and protect the skin from sunlight. Most BB creams of known brands combine all these properties at once. Typically, the BB cream of one brand is produced in two, a maximum of three shades. This is enough - the color pigments in BB creams are not plain. A few minutes after application, they adjust to the natural skin tone and completely merge with it. To match the color of your skin ideally, choose BB cream slightly lighter than your skin.

Finally, an important advantage of the remedy was its ability to protect the skin from the sun: the producers managed to achieve a chic effect: SPF to 50, but without stickiness and oiliness.

How to use? BB creams are created especially for those who do not like to overload their cosmetic bag. It is enough to distribute it with your fingers, these creams are perfectly applied without the help of a brush or sponge. BB creams are easily dosed, well-spread, quickly absorbed, leaving on the face an easy color veil.

Suggested use. Is your skin in good condition? In this case, except BB cream, you do not need anything. But if after washing you still feel a sense of tightness, it is advisable to apply BB cream to a face already moistened with your favorite day cream.




The principal difference between BB and CC creams is that the former are improved versions of foundation, and the latter are advanced correctors with toning effect.

What does it mean? CC stands for Color Control.

What is their secret? The main task of this product is to improve the complexion.

Despite the name, the concentration of tonal pigments in CC-creams is lower than in IV creams, which means that their masking ability is so-so. Typically, a representative of this kind boasts an SPF-filter. With the help of these creams, you can even out the overall tone of the skin and give it a healthy shade, since the CC-cream pigments do not hide the flaws. But unlike the BB creams in the CC-creams, in addition to the pigment particles, there are much more components for skin care. After applying the CC-cream, you'll see, the skin looks fresh, and the dullness and pallor disappear. In comparison with BB they are "weightless", "transparent" and "light, like a veil". Important note: CC-creams do not replace the correctors, but only help them fulfill their task. The main task of the CC-cream is moisturizing, light coating and basic correction of complexion.

How to use? CC-cream is an ideal option for summer. After washing and cleaning the face with tonic, you apply CC-cream and you are ready to go out. All CC-creams have SPF-filters, which means that our hot Baku sun can not be feared.

Suggested use. If you do not need a dense coating and thorough disguise, then the SS-creams are ideal for you.



The main purpose of these products is to ensure the quality work of the lipid barrier on the surface of the skin and to protect the epidermis from the destructive effects of the environment: smog, exhaust, solar radiation and toxic substances. Manufacturers position them as anti-aging, but in fact they are rather preventive, that is, they are not used to correct age-related symptoms, but to prevent their appearance. They also tint the skin, only this time it is completely transparent texture, which only slightly corrects the skin tone.

What does it mean? DD means Daily Defense.

What's the secret? Strictly speaking, DD is a normal day cream, which is sold better than others, thanks to a successful marketing ploy. There are even DD-creams for elbows and heels.

How to use? As usual daily creams, following the instructions on the package. DD-creams, unlike their other "letter" counterparts do not contain tonal pigments, and therefore are not intended for make-up, but for skin care.

Suggested use. One of the features of DD-creams is its dense texture, ie they will suit those who love rich creams. But the owner of oily skin to use DD-creams is not recommended.




What does it mean? PP is for Pink Perfect.

What's the secret? In fact, PP-cream is not a cream, but a means by which you can prepare your skin for applying make-up. Thanks to the silicone particles, which fill even the slightest irregularities of the skin, PP-cream improves the skin surface, smooths wrinkles, scars and reduces pores. As a result, the skin looks smoother and more even. In the tube, PP-cream can actually look too pink, but it immediately becomes transparent and absolutely invisible on the skin.

How to use? Apply PP-cream you need exactly the same as any other base for make-up. To do this, on the previously cleaned and moistened skin of the face you need to apply a few peas of the product and distribute a thin layer with the help of fingers or sponge. Over the PP-cream, it is necessary to apply BB or SS-cream.

Suggested use. PP-cream - a real magic wand for those who have any foundation creams emphasize wrinkles, pores and peeling.


For a long time in our stores there are AA-creams, just the abbreviation the producers did not think to put on the packages. AA-creams are anti-age creams.



So, today we informed you about what parameters you need to pay attention to, buying skincare products, facial creams and other makeup products. To get acquainted with specific skincare products, as well as other facial and body care products and cosmetics, sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. For your convenience Shop.az is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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