What's better: Coffee machines

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What's better: Coffee machines

Among us, there are many lovers to start the day with a cup of fragrant coffee. There are different methods of making this invigorating drink. But one of the most convenient ways is to use a COFFEE MACHINE. Today Valid in the rubric "HANSI YAXŞIDIR" will tell us exactly about the devices for brewing coffee. The rubric is presented together with the portal Shop.az!


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To begin with, we learn about how they make coffee machines, what they can do.


In short, the coffee maker mixes hot water with coffee and, depending on the recipe, adds something else, for example, milk. To do this, you need to grind the coffee, determine the degree of grinding and strength of the drink, make a special mold from the powder obtained, if necessary, preheat the cup, beat the milk, pass the water through the coffee, and withdraw the used ground coffee into the waste container. Despite the multistage process, the coffee machine performs all these actions in less than 1 minute.



Dimensions of the coffee machines are more than coffee makers. There are also very large and heavy models; machines of this type are designed for cooking hundreds of cups of coffee throughout the day. We are interested in models of coffee machines that can be used in a home or small office environment.

We recommend giving the preference to more compact models, choosing a coffee machine for home use. The water reservoir for similar devices is designed for 1-2 liters. They themselves do not weigh more than 10 kg.



Any coffee maker can make espresso. On sale there are 2 types of such devices: boiler and pump. In both cases, the process is identical: hot water under pressure passes through the ground coffee. It's just hot water in the boilers, so the pressure here is 4-5 bar. In pump machines, water is heated to about 90 degrees and passes through coffee under a pressure of at least 10 bar. The gourmets choose pump pumps, because the coffee they cook is less bitter, and its taste is richer.


Usually, you can program a coffee machine according to your taste. For example, by choosing the amount of coffee, you can adjust its strength. Thus, when a large portion of coffee is 9-10 grams, water passes through the ground coffee slower, but with greater pressure. In this case, coffee is stronger. If you prefer a less bitter coffee, then add less coffee powder.


Grinding coffee beans also affects the taste of the beverage. For the preparation of simple espresso, finer grinding is needed. In this case, the flavor bouquet turns out to be richer. When using coarse grinding, the color of the drink turns out to be slightly brown, and the taste is weak. Usually in coffee machines, the degree of grinding is set to the average and rarely changes.



Another type of coffee machine is a capsular coffee machine. Some call it a marketing move, someone calls it artificial coffee, but in reality the taste of coffee from capsules is no different from freshly ground coffee. Here, too, water under pressure is passed through the coffee powder. Simply pre-ground coffee is packed in sealed capsules. The coffee machine pierces the capsule, hot water is passed through this opening, and voila, the drink is ready. Today, coffee capsules of different strength and taste are on sale. To make coffee, just insert the capsule into the device and press the button; after making coffee, you do not need to rub or clean the machine, just replace the capsule with a new one. The main disadvantage of capsule coffee machines is the cost of the capsules themselves. This coffee is more expensive than what is sold by weight. In addition, some capsules can be used in devices of certain manufacturers. Therefore, before buying a capsule machine, make sure that there are any capsules available that are suitable for this particular model.



And now we turn to the review of materials from which coffee machines are made. The hull material is not particularly important. Can be both metal and plastic.


When choosing an espresso coffee machine, pay attention to the section for part where coffee particles are filled. It is here that the hot water under pressure passes through the coffee. And it is believed that in good coffee machines this part is made of metal. In this case, coffee is better heated, and richer taste is formed.


Another integral part of the coffee machine - a coffee grinder - must have iron or ceramic knives. Ceramic knives work quietly and are more often used in models for home use, are not designed for a large load. Metal knives are noisier, but more durable and easy to change.


Tastes differ! Someone prefers cappuccino, some espresso; there are fans of moccaccino or cafe-macchiato. When buying a machine in a store, ask what type of coffee this model can brew. What type of coffee is most suitable for it? Some models are designed only for ground coffee, others for capsules, and the third ones only for coffee in special paper bags. Naturally, pay attention to the functions of the device. Perhaps you have hard water, and for some models it is not applicable.


Many modern models of coffee machines are equipped with a screen. This is not an obligatory element, but its presence is welcomed and makes the device more convenient to use. Usually the display shows the active mode of operation, information about the need for cleaning, adding water or coffee. In general, the screen in terms of visuality is very convenient for selecting and programming the desired type of coffee.


If there is a heating element of the cup, the drink turns out to be more delicious. Among other possible functions, you can note the possibility of making 2 cups of coffee or cappuccino at the same time, an automatic sleep timer.


The biggest enemy of your espresso machine is scum. As a result of its accumulation, the device can work worse, even fail. Give preference to the model with automatic decalcification, that is, models with descaling. Such machines can independently clean both the accumulated scum and coffee oils.


To improve the taste of coffee in coffee machines, the following smart functions are available: a small amount of water falls on the ground and pressed coffee, the appliance waits a little, and then begins the traditional process. The aroma of the drink, prepared in this way, is carried throughout the house or office!


Fans of cappuccino, in the model you choose, there must be a cappuccino nozzle. The nozzle whips the milk or cream needed to make cappuccino, and adds the whipped mass over the espresso. In some machines this function is automatic, in some it is done manually.


To prevent hot water from falling on the countertop, a special, removable container must be provided in the device.


Another important parameter of the coffee machine is its power. The speed of preparation of the drink, its strength directly depends on the power of the device. If you buy a coffee machine for home, the power of 1000 - 1500 watts is enough.


The most rare and expensive models are built-in furniture. Like other built-in home appliances, this device turns into a part of interior design.



If you decide to buy a coffee machine, first determine the place of its future installation. Then select the type of future device. If you appreciate coffee, buy an automatic espresso machine. If you want to spend the minimum amount of time for coffee preparation, your choice should be inclined towards the capsule coffee machines. Concerning brands, give preference to brands that have experience in the manufacture of coffee makers.


Today you have learned which coffee makers are better. To get acquainted with specific models of coffee machines, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products you can on the site Shop.az.


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