What's better: Electric kettles

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What's better: Electric kettles



On the channel Texnogid in the rubric WHAT'S BETTER published a new video of Valid Aliyev. The rubric is presented together with the portal Shop.Az. Shop.az is the first online shopping center in Azerbaijan.


Theme of the video is how to choose ELECTRIC KETTLE. Let's see what is better? Our advices are for people looking to buy electric kettle in Baku.



According to the material of the case, electric kettles are divided into several categories. For example, supporters of environmental materials need to pay attention to glass teapots. But they require more time for care, as it will be necessary to clean the glass as the scale on it accumulates. In addition, and the glass teapots should be handled with more care.


Ceramic electric kettles look more attractive. Such devices have attractive glaze and interesting patterns. When buying a ceramic kettle, pay attention to its handle. It should be as comfortable as possible, as ceramic kettles are heavier than other models. The advantage is that the water in these teapots stays hot longer.


Stainless steel electric kettles boil faster, but at the same time their body is heated, which should be borne in mind if the house has young children. In this case, it is better to choose teapots with a plastic outer layer. Do not forget that teapots with matte coating are more convenient in practical terms, they are easier to care for.


In general, in terms of prices, plastic models are more attractive at a price. But in comparison with other models, these teapots are less durable.



Speaking about the size of the electric kettle, there is not always a need to buy a large-sized appliance. For example, for a family of 4 people is enough to buy a teapot with a volume of 1.5 liters.



The higher the power of the kettle, the faster it will boil water. Depending on the models, this figure can be from 1000 to 3000 watts. If you have old electrical wiring, do not give preference to powerful models. Let the water heating take longer, which in turn will help to avoid overload, overheating and fire hazard.



By the type of heating element, electric teapots are spiral or disk. They, in turn, are divided into open and closed. Teapots with open spirals can be found less frequently lately. Teapots with spirals work more quietly than with discs, but they are more difficult to clean from the buildup scale. Electric teapots with closed spirals or with disk heaters are much easier to clean. The water in them is heated also faster.


CONTACTS should be located in the center of the electric kettle. Such electric teapots are more convenient to put, turn in the required side, unlike models with contacts on the side.


When buying a electric kettle, pay attention to the security elements. The automatic shutdown system is now present in all models; it is advisable that in the electric kettle you buy there is a protective shutdown system in the absence of water, especially if there is no indicator of the water level in the electric kettle.


Another kind of electric kettle is Thermopot. This is an appliance, which makes it possible to pour hot water without raising the electrict kettle. If your home has young children or elderly people, this device will be especially useful for you. It is enough to press a button or press on the valve to pour the tea. Depending on the model of the thermopot, water is supplied by an electric pump, a hand pump or both. If you do not have problems with electricity, the electronic button is the most convenient option. The volume of thermopot varies, from 1.7 liters for a small family to 8-liter models, designed for the staff of the office.



Smart technology is evolving. Smart electric kettles have already appeared. You can control this electric kettle remotely. There is no need to go to the kitchen to turn on the clever electric teapot; run all its functions, check the water level, the heating level can be controlled with the help of a program downloaded to your phone.


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