What's better: Headphones and headsets

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What's better: Headphones and headsets



Many of us use headphones and headsets. But what you need to know when buying headphones in Baku? Technogid Vahid Aliyev in the rubric "HANSI YAXŞIDIR" gives you advice on buying various types of equipment in Baku.


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By design, there are 2 types of headphones. Headphones-tablets can be of 2 types: plug-in earphones and ear-muffs.


Plug-in headphones are compact and light, so many people use them for mobile phones, as a headset or with players. Other advantages are that they can be worn under the hat and without harm to the hairstyle, which is especially important for women.

There are different types of these headphones: simple and vacuum. Simple headphones are conveniently inserted into the ear with a low probability of inconvenience. But at active actions the probability of loss of ear-phones from an ear is high. During running, climbing the stairs or simply when walking fast in a hurry, the earpiece may fall out of the ear. Also, due to loose fit to the ear, this type of headphone allows you to get a lower sound quality than with a vacuum headphone. I.e., listening to music, you hear and what is happening outside, sounds of cars, subway sounds, etc. True, in some situations this may be necessary, for example, when running or when riding a bicycle.

In-channel or vacuum headphones separate you from external sounds, enhancing the strength of sound, allowing you to feel the bass. Most suitable for use in noisy places. The fact that headphones are inserted directly into the ear canal, can bother some people. In a set with this type of headset, silicone attachments of various sizes are offered. There are also sports models of such headphones. Usually they provide for structural elements that allow you to keep earphones in your ear during active operations. If you are an athlete and the wires can interfere with you, you can purchase headphones with a wireless connection.

Choosing earphones, you need to pay attention to another important point, as the material from which the wires are made. In order to increase endurance to temperature extremes (heat and cold), preference should be given to models that have a mesh covering. If the headphone cables are constantly tangled, it is advisable to purchase models with flat cables.

We advise you to purchase convenient models of well-known brands that have passed the test of time and justified the confidence of consumers. Before purchase, check the convenience of the headphones, check the sound quality by connecting them to the phone.


Now let's move on to the headsets, put on the ears, and to the headsets of a large size.

The put-on headsets are more compact, but their ear pads (a soft part of the headsets worn directly on the ears), because of their small size, do not cover the ear completely, which can cause discomfort with unevenly distributed pressure.

If you choose large classical headsets that also have a lot of weight, please note that their arch was made of quality plastic and necessarily had a soft pad.

Another important point is the material from which the ear pads are made. Often they are made of a synthetic material, similar to the leather. Unfortunately, with prolonged use of this material in the summer, ears can sweat. To remove this effect, some models use mesh fabric or velor. The latter option can be found in expensive headsets.

Cables can be connected from two or one side. The second option is more convenient, since it allows you to slide the cable sideways or back. Active users can give preference to models with full disconnection of cables. If the cable deteriorates, it will be enough to simply measure it. There are also fully wireless models, i.e., models with bluetooth. In headsets of this kind, you can easily watch movies dance, listening to music. But this convenience has a negative side. Comparing headsets to cables and wireless headphones in the same price category, the sound quality in headphones with bluetooth will be worse. This kind of headsets are heavier and time-from-time should be connected to the adapter.



Choosing the headphones, you will see on the box a number of technical parameters. The most important are the following:

Sound frequency: the human ear distinguishes sound in the range from 20 Hertz to 20 thousand Hertz. Try to choose a headset with the indicators as close as possible to this frequency.

Sensitivity: shows the power of the sound reproduced by the headphones. The higher the sensitivity, the louder the sound. 100 Db is the normal sound level.

Electrical resistance: the physical quantity characterizing the properties of the conductor prevents the passage of an electric current and is equal to the ratio of the voltage at the ends of the conductor to the current flowing through it. For use with a phone or a small player, select models up to 60 Ohm (resistance unit). The optimal figure is 32 Om. These headphones are suitable for both phone and computer.

Models with high resistance, for example, 150Om, give a better sound. These are more expensive models of headphones that can be used with a good sound amplifier, for example, audio systems or with professional audio equipment.

But do not rely very much on the numbers on the box. Since earphones from different manufacturers with the same parameters can give a different sound.

Before buying, hold the headphones in your hands, pay attention to the quality of the plastic from which they are made. Put them on, how do they sit? The arch should be comfortable and the headphones should not press on the ears. The headphones you buy should be convenient for you!



So, you learned what parameters you need to pay attention when buying headphones. To get acquainted with specific models of headphones sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. for your convenience Shop.az is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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