What's better: Heaters

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What's better: Heaters


In the cold months in each house should be such devices as electric heaters. Of course, the most effective is a centralized heating system. But in rooms in which there is no household boiler (kombi) system, various heaters are installed. Today, Valid Aliyev in the "HANSI YAXŞIDIR" section of the "Technogid" channel will tell you about electric heaters and radiators. The rubric is presented together with the portal Shop.az!

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First of all, you need to know the size of the room that you intend to heat. The power of the device you need depends on it. There is a widespread fomula. On 1 square meter of the area of ​​a room the power of 100 watts is required (1m2 = 100 Vt). For example, to effectively heat a room of 15 sq.m. a 1500 watt heater is recommended. Of course, for savings you can buy a less powerful heater, but you need to take into account the losses possible in the room. Old windows, often open doors, etc. Therefore, the device must be of sufficient power. Thinking about saving, you should not forget that when the device reaches the set temperature its thermostat automatically turns off the heater, starting it again at the right time.



There are many types of electric heaters, we provide the information about their main types: heating fans, convectors, oil radiators and infra-red heaters.



This heater heats the air as a result of the operation of an electric spiral and a fan. The fan blows air through the spiral and the temperature in the room rises quickly. Negative is the fact that the room is cooled very quickly after stopping the appliance. Another negative aspect of this device is that the device very quickly burns air and dust contained in the room, which contributes to the appearance of a specific odor. Noise from the fan is also a lot. So, choose between a warm and sleepless night. Pros - the small size and low price.



The principle of work of convectors is familiar to you in school physics lessons. Cold air enters the device from the bottom and, heated in it, rises up to the ceiling and heats the room. In similar devices heat a room more slowly. Except when there is an internal fan. Most convectors are attached to the wall. Some models have legs. The option in the wall mount looks more impressive. But in this case it will be impossible to transfer it from room to room. Unfortunately, in such devices there is a spiral, which burns oxygen from the air. In many modern models of convectors, not a spiral, but a duct is installed. In such models, the temperature does not rise above 90 degrees. In some convectors, the temperature regime can remain at 55-60 degrees. This type of heater is recommended for families in which there are small children.



Oil radiators are similar to conventional batteries. The element inside the device raises the temperature of the oil. The radiator heats and gives heat to the air. The oil cooler heats up the air more slowly than other devices. The effect begins to be felt after half an hour of operation of the device. After shutting down, cooling also occurs slowly, and the temperature of the room decreases gradually. Advantages of the device is that oxygen and dust in the air are not burned, due to which there is no unpleasant odor.



Although infrared heaters are similar to old spiral stoves, the principle of their work is completely different. They resemble the sun, heating objects and people in the room, preventing heat loss. Infrared heaters give an effect with the moments of the beginning of their work. This type of heaters can be transferred, mounted on a wall, and can also be installed on a special stand. The negative side of such heaters is that their zone of operation is limited. Both in terms of angle and distance. There are also decorative options for infrared heaters. They have a lower power, but are resistant to humidity and therefore can be installed in bathrooms and children's rooms.



On sale there are models with both mechanical and electronic control.

Models with mechanical control are simple and reliable. But their functions are limited.

In electronic systems, there are additional functions, such as, for example, programming modes.



In each radiator, it is important to have a function to protect against a sudden fall. If the radiator has a timer, you can turn on or off the device at the right time. And if there is a remote control in the radiator ... is there any need to talk about this device anything else ?!

If you plan to install a heater in a bathroom or near a wash basin or sink, choose models that are resistant to humidity and water. In some models of heaters there is an addition for humidifying air in the form of a water tank.

Today you know which of the heaters is better. To get acquainted with specific models of heaters, to learn their characteristics and prices, to get acquainted with thousands of other products you can on the platform Shop.az.


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