What's better: iRobot vacuum cleaners

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What's better: iRobot vacuum cleaners

The most valuable thing for a modern inhabitant of a metropolis is time. The high pace of life makes us devote time to the most important things. Part of our precious time is spent on household chores. Now there are special robot assistants, which allow us to save time and money. It's about smart vacuum cleaners. Today we present you a video prepared by Walid Aliyev in the rubric "Hansı yaxşıdır" in which he tells about the types, principle of operation, weak and strong sides of such vacuum cleaners.

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A robot vacuum cleaner is an independently movable device that collects dust and small debris that ensures cleanliness in a room without human intervention or with its partial participation.
A flat device can be circular or quadrangular, weighing from 2 to 4 kilograms. The movement is provided by 3 wheels: 2 of them are large and provide cushioning and help to overcome obstacles, and 1 small, rotating 360 degrees.

After starting work, the robot starts cleaning the room; walls and obstacles are not a problem for this device, because with the help of infra-red sensors the robot "sees" the surfaces and furniture in front of it, even "feels" the steps of the stair, so that it does not lose its orientation in the room. We already have general information. But unlike the traditional vacuum cleaners that are held in their hands, you do not have much information about their features. Valid you will tell about this.


This type of vacuum cleaner has several parameters.


The main thing is the quality of the vacuum cleaner. Devices of this type can remove any floor coverings: laminate, parquet, methacryl, linoleum, etc. In a word, robots feel good on flat surfaces and successfully work. And what about carpets and carpet? Reinforced models can also remove carpets, but, for example, the movement of a robotic vacuum cleaner on a long-carpet carpet with pile 2 and more centimeters is somewhat difficult.


Cleaning parts of robotic vacuum cleaners can be of several types. The main brush is swirling, round with a stiff bristle. With its help, the robot selects both small debris, and hair and wool encountered on its way. This is especially important for those who have a cat or a dog. In many models, a rubber bearing is installed next to this circular cleaning brush. These bearings help lift the carpet fibers and collect the garbage left between them.

Garbage collecting in the corners of the rooms is swept out under the vacuum cleaner with special angled brushes installed on it. Keep in mind that these rotating parts must be regularly removed and cleaned; so when purchasing a Robot vacuum cleaner, make sure that the brushes in your chosen model are easily and conveniently removed. Do not buy models with difficult or requiring additional removal tools. In most models, in addition to dry cleaning, sweeping and sucking, wet cleaning is also provided. To do this, the kit includes a microfibre cloth, wetting, it can be attached to the bottom of the robot. As a result, the robot not only collects garbage on its route, but also wipes small dust particles with a damp cloth. Naturally, this type of cleaning is provided only for hard surfaces.


Like any other vacuum cleaner, one of the important parts of the robot is a dust collection tank. Given the compactness of the robots, manufacturers were able to accommodate a dust bag of much smaller size than in classic models of vacuum cleaners. From the point of view of ecological purity, robot dust collectors do not lag behind their "big brothers" in anything. Thanks to modern HEPA filters, the dust does not rise in the room in which the robot operates. This fact is very important for people who are allergic.


Another important function of the robot is the ability to work on a timer. Thus, if you do not want to feel uncomfortable with the sound of the vacuum cleaner running, you can schedule the vacuum cleaner to work at a time when you are not at home. Activate the timer, and the robot itself will start to work at this time and, having completed the work, will return to its base.

And, finally, one of the most important issues is the device's operating time. The battery, installed in modern vacuum cleaners, allows work for at least 1 hour, usually up to 1.5-2 hours. And this allows to provide cleaning of 30-50 square meters.


The fact is that clever helpers slowly clean the room; in this case the process takes not 10 minutes, but much longer. Of course, the inability to watch TV because of its noise would create inconvenience. But, when choosing a powerful model, while still in the store, familiarize yourself with the level of noise produced by it. If you are a supporter of silence, give preference to a model with a noise level below 50-55 dB.


The price of the devices can be different. If you do not want to purchase a very expensive model, you can give up additional functions. For example, a remote control. Some models, in addition to infrared sensors, are also equipped with additional cameras, which allows you, by downloading a special program to your phone, to monitor the operation of the vacuum cleaner. Among the options available on devices that you can refuse, you can list such as disinfection with ultraviolet light, ionization of air.


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