What should paid attention to when buying a dryer?

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What should paid attention to when buying a dryer?

Despite the fact that this device was invented in the 50s of the XIX century, it entered our houses some 10-15 years ago. Many of us take a place under the drying of laundry, for example a balcony, some consider it a waste of time, which turns out to be right. Considering how difficult it is to dry sets of bed linen, towels, large items, especially for working people, the use of this device is very important. Considering that ironing follows ironing, the process of washing turns into a very complex exercise. For example, in order to facilitate this difficult work, you have allocated a certain amount from the family budget to buy a dryer. Of course, every purchase has its own subtleties, but what should you pay attention to when buying this device?



1. Location

When buying a drying machine, you must determine the location of its future location, since the type of device you purchase directly depends on the location of its future installation. Speaking of dryers with a pipe, this type of dryer should be installed at the outlet to the mine. This device is designed to discharge the emitted steam after drying the laundry. If the steam is not brought out, this will have a negative effect on the inside of the machine, which will eventually shorten the life of the machine.

Alternatively, you can select a condensing machine. These machines are designed in such a way that steam is converted into liquid, collected for reuse. If you can not provide the output of the exhaust steam, then you should give preference to condensing type of machines. Also, the door of this dryer is the same size as the washing machine, that is, if you plan to allocate a specific place in your house for the dryer, this will significantly limit your movements. If you purchase both devices from the same manufacturer, you can install them on one another, as many companies take this into account in production.



2. Energy consumption

It is not correct to say that dryers consume little energy, but by choosing a series A device, you can reduce electricity consumption. Of course, this will affect the price of the device, but with prolonged use it will help you save. To control the level of energy consumption, you can give preference to devices with a large amount of work. Thus, you can dry more laundry in one cycle. Do not forget that the ability to dry tight clothes, blankets in a few hours will greatly help to facilitate your work. If you do not have a very large family, do not start the machine half-empty, you can choose a dryer with a humidity sensor. Thus, you can choose the most suitable time and degree of drying for your laundry. In addition, it is not recommended to run a dryer loaded less than half.




3. Airing features

In cars with this function, the laundry does not get hot air, it just blows. For example, if you were in a room with smoking people, but you do not have time for washing, airing your clothes, you can get rid of the unpleasant odor. Along with this, pay attention to the possibility of setting the time in the dryer. Such a function will allow you to save time by performing drying during your absence from home.


4. Noise-free work

Linen dries in half an hour after the end of the washing process, hanged clothes do not clutter your house, and you save time. All very well, but if you daily for half an hour have to put up with the noise of a working machine, what's the use of it? Before buying a drying machine, ask the responsible representative of the seller information about the noise level produced by a particular model during operation.



5. NSF certification

Did you know that modern drying machines not only dry your laundry, but also fight microbes in your house? Models with this function have an NSF certificate. From the dryers with this certificate, the laundry is more reliable and hygienic. The availability of such a certificate guarantees disposal of 99.9% of bacteria.


6. These features will not be superfluous!

Buying a drying machine, it is very easy to succumb to the persuasion of a dealer or seller with good sales skills, but do not fall for these tricks. Below are the functions that sellers can present to you as additional, but these are usually available in dryer settings:

  • Extendable drying hangers
  • Inner frame made of stainless steel
  • Touch screen
  • Setting time and temperature
  • Ironing system
  • Steam Modes




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