Which electric car should I choose?

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Which electric car should I choose?


You decided to buy a baby electric car and, naturally, the question arose which one is better to choose. The main thing is that the children's car should be safe and reliable.
All electric vehicles are designed in such a way that they can not be turned over, because the wheels of all the machines are wide, and the wheel itself is wide enough.

Electric cars are divided into two main categories:

  1. Children's electric cars with one driving wheel for children from 1 to 3 years old.
  2. Children's electric cars with two driving wheels for children from 2 to 8 years old.

Electric vehicles with one driving wheel are designed for driving only on level ground (asphalt, earth, parquet). They overcome the rise to 5%, the carrying capacity is designed for a maximum weight of up to 20-25 kg. Batteries on such typewriters, typically 6V (six volts), may differ in volume. On such electric cars your child can safely ride up to two, maximum to three years. Of course, everything depends on how big your baby is. Next, the child will simply not be interested in driving only forward, but also at a slow speed and, most likely, an electric car will simply not carry it. Therefore, buy electric vehicles of this category for very young.
The choice of such electric cars is quite large among different manufacturers.
In the second category of electric cars with two driving wheels, the choice is much larger.
Overcome they rise from 10% to 17%. On such machines you can ride almost on any surface: land, grass, gravel, asphalt, relative impassability.
Maximum weight of such vehicles can withstand up to 50-70 kg. Electric cars differ in power: they are equipped with 24V (twenty four volts), 12V (twelve volts) and two 6V (six volt) batteries.
Designed for children from 2-3 to 8-10 years. More detailed characteristics of each model you can see by going to the detailed description of the electric car you are interested in.


Operating rules for children's electric cars

  • Protect from frost. Baby electric vehicles are designed for use in dry and warm weather. The minimum temperature at which you can ride a car 0⁰ -5⁰С. In severe frost plastic becomes rigid, losing its necessary elasticity and possible breakage with minor impacts. In the gears, the lubricant freezes and the teeth of the gears may break. The battery freezes and will not work properly.
  • Do not overload. Do not overload the child's electric vehicle above the maximum weight prescribed by the instruction. Mom and Dad! Do not try to ride on your own car! Of course, you can and will, the electric car "holding" will withstand more weight. But this is fraught with serious damage. Of course, you could succeed and the electric car "holding" will withstand more weight. But this is fraught with serious damage.
  • Do not hold in the rain or wash from a hose. Try to avoid the rain and direct water on the electric vehicle. If the machine gets dirty, do not wash it out of the hose. This is fraught with a short circuit of the electrical circuit. At the minimum, what can happen is that the fuse will burn, the engine or the battery will fail. Therefore, wipe the machine from dirt with a damp cloth. Keep the electric vehicle preferably indoors. If you leave it on the street, be sure to cover it with film or dense material, so that dew and rain do not fall on the electric vehicle and do not spoil the damped wiring.
  • Do not leave the machine under the scorching sun for a long time. The plastic, from which almost the entire vehicle is made, can lose its properties as a result of prolonged exposure to direct sunlight: the colors fade, the quality of the plastic changes, it becomes more fragile, losing its plasticity.
  • Teach your child to use the correct speed. Baby electric cars has two speeds forward and one back. Sitting in such a vehicle, the child begins to switch immediately without parsing the speed. Try to explain how to get started on such a machine. It's best to start from the first speed and already on the move to switch to the second one. Although, if the child touches the vehicle immediately from the second speed, there's nothing wrong with that. The machine will go without any problems. Just a child can get scared of such a sharp start, if he sat behind the wheel for the first time. Also, tell the kid that when driving forward, especially at the second speed, if the kid wants to go back, he first has to release the pedal and stop, then turn on the rear speed and go back. If you do this without stopping the electric vehicle, the load on the gears in the gearbox is significantly increased and their teeth can break.


How to properly operate the battery on a children's electric car

The battery on an electric car is usually charged by factory charging by 20% -30%. Only with factory charging it can be stored up to 5 years. At the first use it is not necessary to let the battery discharge to the end to "zero". If you see that the electric car is already slower, stop skating and put the battery on charge. When buying, you need to give the battery a little work and only after that it should be put on charging.
The battery should always be charged. If the child has ridden an electric car, discharged the battery, then do not leave the electric car with its discharged battery for a long time.
Remember, as soon as the baby has discharged the battery, immediately put the battery on charge. A discharged battery can be stored for a couple of weeks, then it starts irreversibly to deteriorate. Especially, do not forget to charge the battery for the winter, otherwise, delivering an electric car in the spring, you can't charge it. You have to buy a new battery.
Charge the battery for no more than 24 hours. If you have forgotten it on charging for a couple of days, it will shorten its service life. On the chargers of some electric vehicles there is a battery charging indicator. On other models, there are no indicators, but it is not difficult to calculate how much to charge the battery. Assume a battery with a capacity of 12AH, and the charger gives a current of 1AH (it's always written on the charge), then it will be 12 hours to charge the fully discharged battery. On average, the batteries need to be charged 8-12 hours
The service life of any battery 200-300 charge-discharge cycles, depends on the manufacturer. This is approximately 2-3 years of seasonal operation of an electric vehicle subject to the above rules.
Batteries can't be hit and dropped and, in no case, you can't close the plus with the minus - the battery will burn. All batteries in electric cars are equipped with special adapters to the charger, so to short out the contact, you need to try very hard.


Driving time on one battery charge

Children's electric vehicles with a fully charged battery 6V / 10-12AH, 12V / 12AH with a maximum load at the second speed and up the hill can continuously travel for 30 minutes. At the same time, the average ride time of a child on electric vehicles with such a battery is 2-2.5 hours a day, because the child does not go constantly to the hill at maximum speed, but plays.
Children's electric vehicles with a fully charged battery 6V / 7AH, 12V / 7AH with a maximum load at the second speed and into the hill can continuously travel for 20 minutes. At the same time, the average ride time of a child on electric vehicles with such a battery is 1-1.5 hours per day.
If you have two kids, then it makes sense to purchase an extra battery, because the driving time is increasing.



So, you learned what parameters you need to pay attention when buying electric vehicles. To get acquainted with specific models of electric vehicles sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. for your convenience Shop.az is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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