Why classic jeans are blue?

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Why classic jeans are blue?

Now jeans make any color: both green, and yellow, and white. But the classic is immutable - blue. And do you know where this most popular clothing from the world came from and why does it look like that?
In today's article, we tried to collect for you interesting facts from the history of the origin of this garment and hope that you will learn something new for yourself.

How jeans appeared

The fabric from which they are sewn, learned to do in the XV century, but the mass distribution of this clothing was in the late XIX century. Then the jeans were a form for the workers. And Levi Strauss, who came from Belgium to America, came up with it and earned his living by sewing tents for gold diggers.
One day he heard workers complain that their pants were rubbed in a week, and decided to sew them a shape out of the fabric that he used for the tents. The success was overwhelming, and soon rumors of miraculous trousers went all over America.
Now the name of Strauss wears one of the most famous denim brands in the world - Levi's.

Why do jeans are called so

At the end of the XIX century, jeans fabric was transported from Genoa. Genoa will be Genoa in English, but the Americans pronounced the word in their own way, and it sounded like Genes. So soon everyone was used to the pronunciation of "jeans". So they began to call the cloth itself, and after that the pants made of it.

Why did jeans turn blue

On a 100-year-old photo, jeans are already blue. However, initially they were made in two colors - blue and brown.
Blue gave them a special dye - indigo. In those days it cost a penny, so it was profitable to use it. Indigo had one feature: painted only cross threads. After each wash, it was washed out, the jeans became softer and gradually took on the shape of the body.Brown dye did not give such an effect - clothes remained rigid and therefore less liked by consumers.
As a result, brown jeans practically stopped sewing, and blue color became the main one.
There is a whole legend about the origin of the blue color: in the hold, along with a denim fabric ordered by Strauss, barrels with blue paint were brought to America.During the storm, they turned over and poured a few bales of cloth. Despite the marriage, the entrepreneur decided to sell the goods. And it turned out that people like blue fabric even more than usual. So, since then, all the jeans have begun to paint.

Why do jeans look like this?

For more than 100 years, jeans have not changed much. In their minds we are completely obliged to the gold prospectors and workers for whom they were created.
Jeans made tight, with a double stitch, so they were strong. Pockets behind and in front were created under tools. Copper rivets invented to make the seams near the pockets stronger.
Do you know what a small pocket is for? Previously, it wore a pocket watch - at the end of the XIX century they were very popular among the population.


After a brief excursion into the history of the appearance of jeans, we would like to remind our readers of the styles that can and should be purchased and worn in the year 2018.

So, this year in fashion:

Jeans in the style of the 90's

The fashion of the 90s returned unexpectedly, and for many it remained impossible to adapt to the realities of the modern image. But there are also those who gladly accepted the style of the 90's, from which simple and universal jeans of direct cut returned with a classic, slightly inflated fit at the waist. Color - blue, you can take "cookies" if you want to create an authentic style.

Slim or skinny
They say that skinnies are hopelessly outdated, but this is only half the truth. In fact, the peak of fashion for tight-fitting denim models has indeed gone a long way. But in the spring-summer season of 2018 on the podium there were many models of Slim or Skinny, which with pleasure will replenish the wardrobe of slender girls who adore emphasizing their beautiful legs.



Flared jeans
Scuffed jeans came to us from the distant 70-ies, when the fashion was a hippie style.To this day, clushes are associated with that era, someone they cause associations with 70s' bands. Wearing such jeans today for someone can have a purely nostalgic sense, while others will gladly join the topic as a fashion trend, actual in 2018.


Over time, models that received the name boyfriend jeans, significantly changed. At first, they were free, shortened models, and today they can be both nearly fitting, and very wide baggy.


Stonewashed or "cooked" jeans
Ragged denim has so far retired from the list of fashion trends, so it's worth betting on the shabby. In English, there is the term "washed denim", which just refers to this trend.That is, jeans look as if they faded, burned out or blurred their original shade after frequent washing.


Shortened jeans 7/8
Summer classics that combine comfort and style. Shortened jeans, denuding ankles can be worn with both high-heeled shoes, creating classic feminine images, and with flat shoes, stylish Oxford-style shoes, loffers or comfortable moccasins.


Jeans with high waist
A new model that is incredibly popular in 2018. It requires a cautious approach, because to wear jeans with a high fit, you must have a flat stomach, so as not to look ambiguous.


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