Why it is important to read the instructions: 8 frequently breakable household appliances

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Why it is important to read the instructions: 8 frequently breakable household appliances

Most often in the breakdown of household appliances, laziness is to blame, which rolls on us with one glance at the booklet with the instruction. But just 20 minutes spent reading this book, it would be enough to extend the life of the equipment for years. We compiled a list of the most common breakdowns of household appliances, which are due to users' fault, and prepared tips on how to avoid them.


After reading our recommendations, the next time you purchase a new home helper, you will not throw the user's instructions in the trash can, along with the packaging of your purchase.


1. Washing machine



  • The most common failure in washing machines is the failure of the drain pump. It can spoil any small debris that has fallen out of pockets, fragments of metal and plastic elements of clothing decor, coins, small items of clothing that have fallen into the sink. Therefore, be sure to check your pockets before loading things into the machine and use bags for washing small clothes.



  • Overloading the washing machine threatens not only the loosening of the legs due to imbalance during spinning, but also by the displacement or even damage of the belt, due to which the drum rotates. However, this can happen because of unevenly distributed laundry.



  • The heating element is spoiled by overheating due to plaque and scale, which are not only due to the hard water fault, but also because of too much detergent.
  • The rubber seal on the door wears out over time. This is normal. But using popular home-made descaling agents containing vinegar, accelerates wear at times. It is better to give up doubtful folk recipes.


2. Refrigerator



  • The most common cause of breakage of the refrigerator is still hot pans with food. Perhaps it seems to the owners that modern technology will withstand everything, but that's not the case: overloading the compressor threatens any model, even the most modern one.
  • Incorrect distribution of products or the operation of an empty refrigerator without an appropriate adjustment of the cooling temperature also threatens the compressor with overloads. All the necessary information about this can be found in the manual of your model.
  • When defrosting the refrigerator, there is always the temptation to knock the ice layer with the knife. Do not do this, even given that the evaporator is covered with a layer of foam insulation: if the evaporator of this type is damaged, it will be necessary to change the entire freezer.


3. Microwave



• Most of the problems with microwaves arise because of the untimely replacement of the mica plate. It is easy to replace it (it can be done even on its own), but it is much easier to extend the period of its operation. To do this, you need to monitor the cleanliness and integrity of the plate and regularly clean it of fat. A dirt-covered plate can burn out or become deformed from uneven heating.

• Using hard jaws and brushes while cleaning the microwave will damage the enamel. If the body is not made of stainless steel, then it can quickly rust through.

• Everyone knows that metal can not be used to warm up food in a microwave oven. But it should be remembered that the ban also includes porcelain dishes with a pattern: any paint can contain metals, which under the influence of microwaves begin to spark. Therefore, choose ceramics without ornament.


4. Dishwasher



  • Almost all problems with the dishwasher are due to careless cleaning of dishes from food before loading. Despite the filters, pieces of food do not only block the drain, but also sprayers on the rocker arms. Because of this, the water pressure drops, and the dishes are not practically washed.
  • Hard water also gradually clogs openings in the diffusers, as a result of which the quality of dishwashing deteriorates. Therefore, you should not save on special water softening agents.
  • Do not load dishes that are not intended for washing in a dishwasher: they burst from high temperatures, and the splinter can get into the drain pump and block the impeller. It will be difficult to remove it yourself.


5. Vacuum cleaner



  • Never use an ordinary detergent in place of a special detergent for the washing vacuum cleaner. Conventional floor washing agents have uncontrolled foaming, and foam that starts to creep from anywhere can get into the motor.
  • The usual household vacuum cleaner can work without interruption not more than 30-40 minutes per day. Otherwise, under the influence of high temperatures with the material from which the turbine is made, irreversible changes begin to occur, which greatly shortens the life of the turbine.
  • From the damp rusts the metal of the motor, and more dust accumulates on the blades. Gradually, it gathers in a heavy lump and makes it difficult to operate the device, creating an increased load on the vacuum cleaner.
  • Dirty filters and an overloaded waste collection container also increase the load on the device and adversely affect the life of the turbine.


6. Airconditioner



  • The majority of mid-range air conditioners are not suitable for long operation in heating mode with winter temperatures below -10 C. Such work increases the load on the compressor and shortens the life of the air conditioner. And if the outer part is not isolated, the condensate in the tube will freeze into an ice cork, because of which the water begins to collect inside the room.
  • Heat exchanger clogged with dust and small debris can cause a breakdown of the air conditioner. It is necessary to clean the external unit regularly.
  • On the impellers and filters of the air conditioner dust and soot constantly accumulate, which reduce the flow rate of the blown air, block the drainage system, interfere with the normal operation of the cooling system. This causes the appearance of ice on the copper pipeline, which, when the air conditioner turns off, begins to melt and drip onto the floor.


7. Kitchen stoves



  • Liquids containing sugar should not fall on the hot surface of the kitchen hobs, as its uneven cooling leads to the appearance of cracks. Such substances must be cleaned with a special scraper immediately, while they did not have time to cool down.
  • Cold bottom of kitchen utensils or drops of cold water, which are on a hot surface, also cause cracking of glass ceramics.
  • Uneven bottom of kitchen utensils often causes scratches or even cracks on the glass-ceramic coating of the plates.
  • Spot impacts can also cause cracks. It does not matter that the stove easily withstands the weight of heavy pots: a puncture, for example, a metal spoon, can cause a crack that will make the plate impossible to operate.


8. Air humidifier



  • Air humidifiers need regular cleaning due to a mineral deposit that appears from the water. Therefore, it is better to use distilled water, rather than tap water.
  • Having bought a moisturizer for aromatherapy, its owners are puzzled why the device will soon be out of order. When adding oil to a container with water, plastic is spoiled, filters are clogged, regular cleaning is difficult. Most models intended for aromatherapy have a capacity for an absorbent material impregnated with oil.


A bonus story about the benefits of reading instructions



Summarizing all of the above, one should admit that most of the breakdowns are due to non-compliance with the rules of operation of equipment. This is proved by the amusing incident that occurred in Ireland.


After 10 years of using the dishwasher, which irritated an Irishman that he could not hold large plates, he learned that the upper shelf could be moved upwards, thus freeing up enough space for the overall dishes. He wrote about his opening on Twitter and received thousands of comments with words of gratitude for such a useful hint. Mike said that he recently searched Google for instructions on another problem and accidentally stumbled upon information about the shelf.


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