Winter sales and promotions season started 2017-12-07 19:03:53
Winter sales and promotions season started

Here comes the New Year season of discounts and sales, a period when all buyers hurry to go shopping to find gifts for their relatives and friends. The very atmosphere of waiting for the holiday is tuned for shopping, and if you still manage to buy the desired gift at a discount price or find something that was dreamed of for a long time and wanted at the action announced by the store, a pleasant sensation from the purchase will be increased more than once!


Shops in Baku also provide their customers with various types of discounts, pre-holiday promotions, advertising campaigns, thereby offering us to purchase their goods at more favorable prices. - the online shopping center of Azerbaijan - also presents to your attention goods with discounts announced by various shops of Baku.


So, let's see what discounts and stocks are and how they differ.

In European stores during seasonal sales discounts can go up to 60-80%. In Azerbaijan, sales are a game without rules, because the rules for selling off have not been developed and are not prescribed. But if you approach the matter wisely, then in our country it is also advantageous to skimp. Having conceived a major acquisition, ask about the price of this product, a few months before the sale. Only by owning this information, it can be established that indeed the goods are offered at a lower price. Sale and share what's the difference? Feature of sales is a seasonal event, for example, when the main spring collection of clothes is almost sold out, and by the summer it is necessary to update the assortment and get rid of the remaining goods, carry out sales. To choose more or less interesting goods, it is better to go in the first days of the sale.


Discounts are offered to attract a buyer (a favorite supermarket reception), during the opening of a new outlet or product in order to interest the consumer. Discounts for a particular product are of a short-term nature. Think carefully before buying a product at a discount, and even more so to buy several products at once. Do not type a lot of super fashionable things this season, choose a few things (preferably classic) and accessories. And if you get clothes that meet the requirements of "quality classic", then you can buy it, it never goes out of fashion. Find out the average price for a vending product, comparing the prices of several online stores. Before buying read the inscriptions in small print on the price tag, there are stipulated the terms of the discount, it can be the purchase of at least three items. And do not throw away the check, but suddenly the thing does not fit or you will find in it hidden flaws, then you need to return it to the store, without a check you can not do it. And do not trust the ads, "the goods bought at the sale, can not be exchanged".

Discount - the amount by which the sale price of the goods sold to the buyer decreases.

Historically, discounts appeared and began to be used in the conditions of street trade of goods, when the seller as a result of bargaining provided a discount to the buyer who buys more goods.

Currently, the practice of providing discounts is used by large and medium-sized companies, small business organizations and individual entrepreneurs.

Discounts can be of different types, for example a simple discount, a discount for volume, a cumulative discount, a seasonal discount, a discount for a new product, a discount for quality, etc.

Also there are loyalty programs, discount or accumulative cards. With shares for regular customers, we show our interest in the buyer purchasing goods from us and taking care of customers so that they do not overpay for their products.


Let’s consider the difference between concepts of discount and promotions.

Discount is a reduction in the price of a certain amount. Maybe, it is the designated specific amount, maybe at times, maybe in percent. Promotion implies also a decrease in price, but in a more flexible form:

  • discount only for the 3rd product (bought 2 - you get nothing),
  • discount only to someone who buys something specific (for example, TV bought, discount on the antenna),
  • a discount on a purchase for a certain amount (for example, over 50 or 100 manats),
  • discount for a certain category of the population (for civil servants, pensioners)
  • discount for a certain time (or from 9.00 am to 12.00 - for pensioners, or from 01 to 14 September for students).

In addition, the action can be in the form of a lottery, lottery by check number, the highest amount in a check for a day, etc. So lure us for shopping strongly want, and come up with more and more new ways.


The discount in Africa is also a discount, in other words, it is a usual reduction in the price of a certain commodity, and Shares are different, for example, when buying goods above a certain amount, the buyer receives a bonus or a draw of the coveted prizes, and the prize winnings for the Promotion are no longer a discount.


Now, armed with knowledge of the difference between discounts and stocks, you can safely go on a shopping trip and give yourself pleasure from the very process of shopping and buy your loved ones wonderful and useful gifts (everything for health and beauty, jewelry and accessories, everything for kids, etc.), as well as buy everything you need for home (appliances and electronics, household appliances, everything for the house and villa, etc.).


By visiting the online shopping center you can get acquainted with the goods from various shops in Baku, which are offering discounts, and also buy these and other goods directly from the stores presented at!


We wish you a pleasant and successful shopping and have a great holiday in the circle of your loved ones and friends!


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