Wrist watch - indicator of owner's status

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Wrist watch - indicator of owner's status


Wristwatches have long been transformed from an object of necessity into a luxury item.

Now, in order to answer the question: "What time is it?" - just look at the clock built into the buildings, look into your mobile phone, computer or car display. But, despite all these technical innovations, wrist watches still remain a popular means of determining the exact time and are not only an accessory, but also a subject of status.


If we talk about the status, then it is by the hour (and also by the shoes and the car) that you are evaluated at the first acquaintance. Therefore, by choosing a watch as a status statement, you need to treat this question carefully, just as a person thinks about what to write on his business card.


At the same time, your watch, like a business card, should carry accurate information about you and correspond to your level. You do not write, as a senior manager, on the business card, that you are the president and CEO of your company.


If the watch brand is significantly higher than your social status, then others will think that you have a fake on your wrist.


Watch mechanism

Depending on the energy source feeding the mechanism, all the watches can be divided into two main types: mechanical or electronic.


In mechanical watches as a power source of the mechanism, a tightly wound spring is used. When the spring begins to gently unwind, the pendulum moves, which forces the hands to move on the dial. In the mechanical clock, the time indication only takes place using the arrows.


Mechanical watches are often equipped with an additional device called automatic winding. They are also called automatic watches. This device with the oscillation of the clock provides additional twisting of the spring.


Most often the part providing self-winding, weight and thickens the watch, which is unacceptable for women's wristwatches. Also a significant disadvantage is that the repair of the automatic winding mechanism is very complicated. However, with proper operation and timely prevention, the clock mechanism will function properly for decades.



In quartz (electronic) watches, unlike mechanical watches, the power source is a conventional or solar battery. In quartz clocks, the oscillatory system of the mechanism is a pendulum, replacing the quartz crystal. Quartz watches, unlike mechanical ones, can have not only a dial with arrows, but also a digital display.


Quartz watches have high accuracy, favorably differing from this from mechanical watches. If you do not wear a quartz watch for a while, you do not have to worry that they will stand up.


But, alas, there is nothing eternal and the crystal of quartz eventually "grows old", which leads to the hurry of the watch.



An electronic watch is called a quartz watch with digital display indication. In them, the pulses of the electric generator are converted into signals, which are displayed on the clock display in the form of seconds and minutes that change on the dial. A hybrid option is also possible, when the time display with the help of the arrows is used together with the digital display. If the electronic watch is rushing or falling behind, you can correct the reading by setting new ones, but oscillations of the generator will remain the same, only in some models the correction of readings entails a change in the frequency of oscillations.


Watch case

From the material of the watch case depends not only their beauty, durability, but also the price of the device.


For example, the cheapest watches that China produces in abundance are made of aluminum. Naturally, this material is by no means ideal for cases. It is too soft, which makes the body short-lived, easily damaged, and poorly treated aluminum can also dirty the skin.


The case can also be made of brass and stainless steel. Such cases are very durable and durable, and stainless steel is considered the most preferable option for the manufacture of wristwatches and is used in the manufacture of very expensive products.


Also, the corps of titanium alloys proved to be excellent. The more titanium in the alloy, the easier and more expensive the watch.


As for the cover of the watch case, if this is an expensive watch made of stainless steel or titanium alloy, then, most likely, that there is no sputtering on them, which is a positive thing.

Cover of any material with time wears, scratches and looks not in the best way. The record for the rate of abrasion is the lacquer coating of the case, which takes an unpresentable appearance sometimes after a few weeks. Therefore, if possible, sputtering on the watch should be avoided.


But plastic watches can be both very expensive and high-quality, and cheap. Their quality is associated with the used alloys and varies greatly depending on the manufacturer.




It can be made of plastic (plexiglas), crystal, mineral glass and artificial sapphire.

The most qualitative, durable and wear-resistant is artificial sapphire, it can not be scratched, it is difficult to break. Companies like Sapphlex and Tissot often use it. On the second place in strength and reliability is a mineral glass, and is most often found in wrist watches of the middle price group, exactly like crystal. Plastic is the last in strength. No matter how qualitative it may be, it is still too easy to scratch it.



As a rule, bracelets are made of the same material as the watch case, although exceptions are not uncommon.


Separately, it should be said about the strap made of a classic material - leather. Lovers of natural materials should be prepared for the fact that the favorite leather watch strap will have to be changed. In a year and a half, the skin will lose its former elegance.


Additional functions in watches


The wrist watch can have a number of additional functions:

• alarm clock - most often found in an electronic watch,

• The calendar - is found not only in electronic, but also mechanical

• Illumination - occurs not only in electronic, but also mechanical

• the indication of "second time" is interesting for frequent travelers

• Tachometer - allows you to calculate the average speed of the owner of the clock.

• The built-in lunar calendar has no practical meaning and, rather, is intended to add mystery to the owner of such watches.


When buying a watch, you should pay attention to 2 important parameters:

  • Water resistance (moisture protection) and
  • Shock resistance.



Usually the warranty for wrist watches is given for a period of one to five years.


A brand new generation of watches is a smart watch.


Essentially, it is a computerized wristwatch with enhanced functionality. In addition to the standard time tracking, these hours perform the role of calculators, translators, media players, and some of them already take on many of the functions of smartphones.



Many models support third-party applications and are controlled by mobile operating systems. With the help of some models you can receive phone calls and answer SMS and e-mail. Some smart watches work only in pairing with the smartphone and act as a secondary screen that notifies the owner of new notifications (for example, messages on social networks, calls and reminders from the calendar).


The watch can include camera, accelerometer, thermometer, barometer, compass, chronograph, calculator, mobile phone, touch screen, GPS navigator, speaker, scheduler and other functions. Some watches have the functionality of sports trackers (or fitness trackers). Such models can support training programs, route tracking, heart rate sensor, pedometer.


Like other computers, smart watches can collect information using external or built-in sensors. They can manage or receive data from other tools or computers. They often support wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS.


So, you learned what parameters you need to pay attention when buying watches. To get acquainted with specific models of watches sold in Baku, their characteristics and prices, as well as with hundreds of other products offered for sale in Baku, visit the site Shop.az. for your convenience Shop.az is a site that has gathered for you the goods of various Baku stores in one place and helps in choosing the one you need.


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