#yayadavam with Algida in Shop.az

Shop.az 2019-10-15 17:24:17
#yayadavam with Algida in Shop.az

Every dessert has its own unique history. Many of them are spreader by myth or fairytale. Many people noting that ice-cream was invented in Europe, underline that the recipe actually was brought from China to Italy by Marco Polo. But there are also people who think that ice-cream was dessert which belonged to the Kingdom during the reign of Charles I.

Today we want to talk about the history of Algida ice-cream. One of the tasty ice-creams of nowadays Algida has considered favourite and indispensable of the summer desserts since 1922. From its first production, every ice cream lover hears about this ice cream and taste it.

“Who is happy and ready to share happiness!” – this is the message of Algida ice-cream. Magnum, Cornetto, Carte d’Or are some of the favourite ice creams of Algida family.

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