Why use the online shopping center Shop.az?

Shop.az provides the service to both shops and customers.

We give the shops the opportunity to show you their goods, give their characteristics, inform you about their promotions, terms of delivery, hours of work, etc.

To the buyers we give the opportunity of a convenient choice, obtaining information about offers from different stores in one place. Before you go shopping in search of goods, take a look at our website; every day on our site more and more goods that are exhibited themselves shops.

Are the prices of goods on Shop.az different from the prices of the same goods in the specified stores?

The price displayed on our website can in no way be higher than the price of the store, since the store itself sells its goods.

In some cases, the price of Shop.az may be even lower than in a physical store.

Does the online shopping center Shop.az deliver?

If the store provides shipping, the icon notifies you about it.

What if the store does not have delivery?

If the store does not have delivery, you have the opportunity to choose another store that has the same goods and offers delivery.

What does "Order" mean on the site of Shop.az?

Means that in order to buy now, you can contact the seller of the goods. Depending on whether the store has delivery and payment on delivery, you can make a purchase without leaving home.

How can I contact the seller of the goods?

We offer 2 ways to communicate with the seller of the goods:

- You can call the phones that the store provided, and get an operative answer to your questions;

- You can write to the store.

The store does not answer the call, what should I do?

Try to contact again. If the attempt fails, contact us or contact an alternative store that offers the same product.

What are the hours of operation of the operator Shop.az?

Operators Shop.az work all days of the week from 9:00 to 18:00.

The store does not call me back, what should I do?

Shop.az sells goods from all over Azerbaijan. You are dealing with the store directly. Unfortunately, we can not be responsible for the failure of the store to fulfill its obligations, however, we will try to help you. Contact us.

What products can be found on your site?

Almost everything except food and medicine.

Can I open a store on Shop.az?

Send your request via this link shop.az/shop-register and follow the on-screen instructions.

By whom and for what is the warranty provided?

The guarantee is provided by the store for the goods they sell. Since the terms of the guarantee may vary and reflect the price, we recommend contacting the store for more detailed information.

What does the icon Checkout mean?

You can order this product. The store staff will contact you.

How to make sure that the seller is reliable?

All stores are connected with us by contractual relations. Also you have the opportunity to evaluate the store's service so that we can share your opinion with others.